Interesting how things get around…


Last July (2009), Arab News in Saudi Arabia reported that:


A joint US-Israeli missile defense system meant to shield Israel from Iranian attack hit a snag when a series of tests were aborted because of malfunctions, defense officials said Thursday.


The project, said to be called “ The Arrow,” a joint project between Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. And Chicago-based  Boeing Company failed it’s tests, though the parties involved were said to play down the glitches and stated they expected in such a complicated multilayered missile-defense system, that those difficulties would not “affect the long-term development of the system.”


Arab news stated that a Pentagon Official who spoke “on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to disclose details of the tests” said that “the mission was an interception test and also exercised the Arrow system’s interoperability with other elements of the US ballistic missile defense system.”   They further stated that the tests took place off the coast of California, and it was “the communication glitches between the missile and the radar which led US defense officials to abort the test before an intercepting missile could be fired.” 


The quote the Pentagon as further saying, “the target missile was dropped from a C-17 aircraft.  It said the radar system detected the target, but not all test conditions to launch the Arrow Interceptor were met, and it was not launched.” 


This is all a part of  a system Israel is developing to protect it from all forms of attack, Arab news reports, “ranging from short-range rocket fire from Lebanon and Gaza to long-range missiles from Iran.”