FAA Whistleblower: “They don’t want you to be part of the solution; they want you to go away.”

“After 25 years at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, an air-traffic controller who blew the whistle on Federal Aviation Administration misconduct is quitting.

Anne Whiteman started reporting problems 12 years ago at the airport – including an incident in which two planes came within 300 feet of each other – and has suffered continual harassment since, including physical assault, isolation, and even a death threat.

Twice her claims were substantiated by Office of Special Council investigations (OSC), but the harassment only increased to include claims of drug abuse, not showing up to work on time, and fraud. The OSC is the federal agency charged with protecting federal employee whistleblowers.

Whiteman even emailed new FAA director Randy Babbit in May of this year, shortly after his appointment. He did not respond.

Saying that the FAA finally won, Whiteman resigned last week. She had been offered a new position, only to have the opportunity withdrawn. Whiteman now believes that there is no accountability at FAA, and that “they don’t want you to be part of the solution; the want you to go away.”

The FAA responded in a statement that they are reaching out to whistleblowers.”

From GAP:  http://whistleblower.typepad.com/all_things_whistleblower_/2009/09/faa-whistleblower-they-dont-want-you-to-be-part-of-the-solution-they-want-you-to-go-away.html

Isn’t that the truth and in more agencies than just the notably corrupted FAA.  The Federal workplace is becoming littered with the abused, the damaged, the tired and disheartened “good people” whose only crime was wanting to do their jobs ethically and well, you know the job they were hired to do, the job they were trained to do, (at least in the old days when federal employees actually were allowed to get the training they needed to become good at their jobs). 

And in industry it is no better. 

I wish more people would speak up.  If we made a paper chain out of the resume’s of these people who’ve sacrificed their careers and more to try to do right, we’d cover the nation via I-90 by now.  I am thinking that what a retired investigator told me some time ago, that the only way to get change is to publicly humiliate the wrongdoers,  may be correct.  Any one who wishes to speak up is invited to do so here!  -GFS