Emotive, manipulative music,
images of the ultimate blue-collar worker,
the glory of human and corporate achievement, the rose in bloom,
entrap the mind of the unwary television viewer. 

Flags waving, planes flying, patriotism overload.
Technology heaven
is all ours for the mere price of
our wealth,
our safety,
our national security,
our dignity,
our dreams,
our lives,
our future.

Beneath the composite mask,
the truth lies waiting in deep-sixed files,
stored in the hands of a rabble of lawyers,
well-fed and groomed, sequestered in the stables.
Trotted out when someone or something
threatens to open a crack, expose the truth
of what lies beneath the public image.

Truth is ugly, threatening, dark and foreboding. 
“Better they, the taxpayers, remain ignorant,” corporate heads whisper.
“Profits are at risk.  We are at risk.” 

Kill the messengers, who dare to speak, who ask,
“Confess to me what I already know and want to hear – truth.”
Corporate heads hiss, “Cut off the limbs that betray the corporation:
Quality Assurance, Inspectors, Government Oversight.
Call them whistleblowers, non-team players.
Defame them; destroy them; silence their cries.
How dare they besmirch the corporation!”

Better to postpone knowledge; suck the public dry,
like a victim of leaches applied to maximize the transfer of life-blood.
Buy the politicians; compromise them; own them; silence them. 
Now they have no choice but to cheerlead for the corporation.
By the time it goes wrong, we’ll be long gone.

Hold them at bay until the all-important spoils
are secreted in Hidden Treuhands, multilayered accounts:
in Austria,
in Germany,
in Switzerland,
in Dubai,
in Saudi Arabia,
secret and untouchable, unseen forever.

Manipulate the system.
Bluster, threaten and break the unions
Convince people to indenture themselves.
“It’s just a business decision.”
Call in favors; place corporate moles, appointed, to high places,
tattooed in the shadows with requisite corporate marching orders:
Hear us; watch our lips.
Do not resist; real patriotism is to serve
the leaches
the parasites,
the predators,
your enslavers,
the corporation.