Imagine how you would feel if your family patriarch died and instead of having to deal with the settling of an estate and arranging for distribution to the heirs, you found that everything your family owned (bank accounts, property and titles etc.) had vanished.  The representative of the Frank Kryder family is trying to solve a mystery, a vexing one.  Upon the death of Frank Kryder, the family found that their entire estate had just vanished, with little proof that it ever existed.   Other people have been experiencing this kind of crime as well, as you can see from the letter from Robert Harrington, and  as many others can attest after losing their homes to unscrupulous mortage companies and banks.   Some people are asking if the infamous Hidden Treuhand might be the vehicle used to accomplish these thefts so effectively, due to the complete secrecy and invisibility of the instrument.  If so, this is almost a license to steal with impunity right now. 

Below is a series of emails I was sent recently to pass along.  You will find this interesting and horrifying.  Imagine it was your family this was happening to.  Some of you I know, do not have to imagine.  I have left the email addresses and contacts for Ms. Yolanda Gibson-Michaels and the Frank Kryder estate in case you wish to contact them with helpful information or questions, and the contact information for Robert Harrington regarding his WAMU nightmare.  I hope some of you out there may have pieces of the puzzle.   -GFS
Yolanda C. Gibson-Michaels
— On Fri, 1/1/10, Yolanda Gibson-Michaels <> wrote:
From: Yolanda Gibson-Michaels <>
Subject: Urgent Read: FDIC WAMU Fraud
Date: Friday, January 1, 2010, 5:45 PM

 Yolanda C. Gibson-Michaels
— On Thu, 12/31/09, Robert Harrington wrote:
From: Robert Harrington <>
Subject: Re: Re: My FDIC case
To: “Yolanda Gibson-Michaels” <>
Date: Thursday, December 31, 2009, 8:51 PM

Is JPMorgan Chase and the FDIC aiding and abetting fraud?
The FDIC is backing JPMorgan Chase in (allegedly) fraudulently taking my home. WAMU defrauded myself and potentially 100,000’s of other US taxpayer/homeowners.

The FDIC is also defending JPMorgan Chase to cover up this “theft.”…..1V20090513
also see:…

If you could pull up the “Texas case,” (EXHIBIT A) the allegations that JPMorgan Chase and the FDIC were in collusion to steal WAMU are very damning.…..000002.pdf

I have discovery in my own foreclosure case(s) against WAMU that the underwriters and loan officer from WAMU changed my FULL DOC loan income and debt items to reduce my Debt to Income ratio from over 200% down to 17% to make a sizable commission. My full Doc application includes two years personal tax returns, corporate returns complete with all appropriate schedules, balance sheets, operating statements, checking account statements, net worth sheet, and leases. WAMU further changed my property tax from $10,000 to $4500 from the previously agreed upon settlement statement causing an unforeseen $1400/month spike in my payment 14 payments later. This was clearly fraud in the Inducement as I never would have accepted such a deal. They also failed to properly disclose the neg am feature up front. They knew I would not be at the closing (my wife was given Power of Attorney) so all the changes would have not been recognizable in my absence. I HAVE HARD COPY EVIDENCE THROUGH COURT ORDERED/COMPELLED DISCOVERY!

If the Texas Case (WAMU bondholder’s) allegations against JPMorgan Chase and the FDIC are true, then a case should be made that both entities aided and abetted with WAMU to steal potentially 100,000’s of homes years later from defrauded homeowners. This colossal theft will be exacted for free for JPMorgan Chase with taxpayer money (including TARP funds) with the FDIC. This fraud would amount to billions of dollars unfairly extracted from homeowners, not including bondholders. This is unconscionable.….._08387.pdf

I and 100,000’s of (WAMU originated) homeowners need our cases to be fully examined/prosecuted and put forth before the court of public opinion to ask a simple question. WAS THE ENTIRE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE AND WAMU’S (Countrywide, IndyMac, etc…) FRAUDULENT LENDING BUSINESS PRACTICES A PLANNED EVENT TO ENRICH THE BANKING ELITE AND THEIR POLITICAL FRIENDS AT THE EXPENSE OF THE HOMEOWNERS AND TAXPAYERS?

I would also like to find the 100,000’s of WAMU originated homeowners now being bullied by JPMorgan Chase and the FDIC who are now foreclosing (YET CLAIM NO LIABILITY FROM HOMEOWNERS FOR WAMU’S FRAUD) to assist them in their legal defense against WAMU, JPMorgan Chase and certain responsible parties from the FDIC, OTS, and the US Government (that I believe and allege by diligent research of 1000’s of document pages) aided and abetted theft and fraud on an unprecedented scale, and are co-conspirators, both civilly and criminally.

Also, feel free to forward this email to anyone who could amplify its production and scope. Journalists, bloggers, citizen groups, consumer rights attorneys, friends, family and co-workers should all be included to share this shocking content.

It’s your country, too.

Feel free to contact me at (850) 259-6422 or

Thank you,

Robert Harrington
Niceville, FL
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From: Yolanda Gibson-Michaels
Sent: Saturday, December 26, 2009 8:01 PM
Subject: Fw: Re: My FDIC/Wells Fargo Bank Fraud

Yolanda C. Gibson-Michaels
From: Yolanda Gibson-Michaels <>
Subject: Re: My FDIC/Wells Fargo Bank Fraud
To: “Estate of Frank Kryder” <>
Date: Sunday, May 31, 2009, 10:32 AM
Dear Estate of Frank Kryder,
You are absolutely correct!!  The FDIC Illegal Division are the culprits to and including the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).  I am one of several FDIC Whistleblowers.  During my research, I discovered that the Kryder’s money was linked to my former supervisor Stephen Michael Hanas aka Steve Hanas financial filings (FDIC Legal Division), and linked to former FDIC Chairman Donald E. Powell financial filings; and an indivivdual named Maureen Sweeney.   FDIC corrupt officials are playing a global pyrimad via the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) with the use of Unregistered Financial Filings.
I reported FDICs FRAUD since 2004 to present date.  I have also carbon copy others that may be able to assist you in your research or may have evidence to share with you regarding the stolen Kryder estate.  If you have access to US Prosecutors, Media, and or a Lawyer that would be helpful to expose and indict FDIC corrupt officials.
I will also mail to your attention a 539 page disclosure report of reported fraud at the FDIC. Please send me a P.O. Box or Mailing address to my attention. Upon receipt. I will immediately mail evidence to your attention.  I will also assist you with further research regarding the stolen Kryder fortune….Smile.
Yolanda C. Gibson-Michaels
From: Estate of Frank Kryder <>
Subject: My FDIC/Wells Fargo Bank Fraud
Date: Friday, May 29, 2009, 3:11 PM
Dear Ms. Gibson-Michaels:
In 1969, SOMEONE in FDIC issued a Certficate for one  “Allen County National Bank” which never existed. It was used in a merger four days later, to conceal Home Owners Loan Corporation bonds and federal national first mortgage securities owned by my great-grandfather, great grandmother and grandfather’s estates, the remainder of their Depression and War time real estate and insurance company. Accordingly, this lump of securities, stolen by the estate lawyers and others,  was called a national bank and merged into Lincoln Natl Bank & Trust Co. of Fort Wayne, now Wells Fargo.
I am PR for the estate and have been working 15 years on the project of nailing the organization which robbed the family. I have even gone so far as to trace the disappearance of the Confederate Treasury to Wells Fargo and  its laundering through Lincoln Natl Bank & Trust Co, the former “German American National Bank.” That bank has been laundering money since the beginning of US banking, for the crowned heads of Europe and their American friends.
Not only was I positive there was never a physical “Allen County National Bank” in Fort Wayne, having thoroughly learned the history of all its institutions for the last 200 years, I established with FOIA requests that
1. The Comptroller has no paperwork on this entity including Charter, Articles, consent to merger.
2. The Public FDIC database has no record of it in the history of LNBT; has nothing on the certificate #20070
3. “Legal Division” has this bogus record.
I know you will believe me when I say, no it wasn’t an interim, it wasn’t a takeover, there wasn’t a receivership-
The entity was pulled out of thin air so the Lincoln books would look right once the securities were sequestered to be used by others.
The story is hugely complicated with bank holding company history and so on-
I just hope that this part will be of interest to you because it is so GROSSLY fraudulent, and damning.
Possibly, some of this may tie in with your work.
The only reason I found the anomalous bank entity is because I so tediously traced the assets. As far as I know, everything in “the bank” except the aforementioned government securities was property of estates with no heirs or estates of incompetents. It was never expected anyone would come looking.  I had to go through courthouse basements to discover the bonds were missing.
There is no telling how many of these “Certificates” for bogus banks have been let out for money laundering and moving slush funds.
The insider just has to assign a certificate so that a merger  will not be scrutinized since both entities are insured. Then, they only have to not enter the certificate in the public database. Apparently, Legal Division is the culprit, which stands to reason.
I would appreciate your thoughts, if any.
FDIC Legal Division:

FDIC Bank Find/Institution Directory FOIA Request:
information I received from a researcher since the certificate number 20070 is not in the public database:
Dear Leigh Fulghum:
> This is in response to your inquiry to the FDIC on 4/22/2009 . Your
> request began “I have received info…”
> Thank you for taking the time to contact the FDIC regarding Allen County
> National Bank.  Any bank that was ever insured by the FDIC-would be listed
> in our database.  There was no listing for Allen County National Bank in
> the FDIC or the Fed databases.
> If you need to contact us again regarding this matter, your reference to
> issue ISS00679577 will expedite our response.
> Sincerely,
> Modestine Johnson
> Division of Insurance and Research
> Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
OCC response:
“This is in response to Internet correspondence to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), Customer Assistance Group (CAG).  CAG answers questions and assists consumers in resolving complaints against national banks.  A national bank is a bank that has the word National or the letters N.A. in its official name.
The focus of the OCC’s review of consumer complaints against national banks is to determine whether the banks’ actions are consistent with banking statutes, regulations or any policies that are applicable to nationally chartered banking institutions.
This agency was unable to locate an inactive or active listing for an Allen County National Bank …. We will be unable to assist you with this matter unless we are provided with a valid national bank.  ” blah blah
Yours Sincerely,
Leigh M. Fulghum
Personal Representative for the Estate of Frank H. Kryder
Allen County, Fort Wayne, Indiana


 I could not get the attachments included in this email to function here.  Please contact Ms. Gibson-Michaels to obtain them.  -GFS