I have been thinking about some of the points Mr. Eastman stated in his latest blog.  It seems to me that if that company has been doing all that he describes, some oversight is needed.  I contacted some people and found that the agency most likely already responsible for the majority of this oversight of the Boeing company would be Defense Security Service (DSS).  My sources confirm that The Last Inspector is right spot on. 

I wonder why more are not questioning why the federal government oversight authority, DSS, hasn’t done anything to keep this company in line.  I received the suggestion that the DSS Director, Kathy Watson and Richard Lawhorn, Defense Security Service Field Operations Manager, are reputed to have an open door policy with Timothy McQuiggen, at Boeing.  I do not yet know who Timothy McQuiggen is.  I will Google him and report back what I find.  My sources say things are not what they should be and if I don’t believe it I should investigate it myself.  They are adamant that whatever McQuiggen wants, McQuiggen and Boeing gets.  If anyone else can contribute to this discussion please comment on this blog or email me.  Thank you.  GFS

I have found the site for DSS:  http://www.dss.mil