This came from another source.  With the permission of Mr. Kinan, I post it here.  -GFS



From: Douglas Kinan <>

Subject: tsa confirmation


Date: Thursday, January 7, 2010, 3:35 PM


Hey Erroll, as an expert in how a few FBI and Department of Justice employees operate, allow me to pass on some standby defense options and considerations:

You can try (make up) the “abused as a child,” “they took my binky” the “rehabilitated alcoholic,” the “rehabilitated sex addict,” the “emotionally imbalanced” or the “I’m it” defense or you can revert and stick to the “I don’t remember” defense (even though you admitted that you did) or you can make up another lie.  In other words, don’t be shy.  Dispel any “beliefs” the Committee may have.  Don’t be a slug.

Emphasize to the Committee your BSDDCS (backstabbing, dirty dealing and corkscrewing) credentials and let them know that if you are confirmed you will “revive confidence” at the TSA by resorting to retaliation and abuse of authority to harm and permanently damage innocent people, as necessary and when required by similar law enforcement counterparts.  Let the Committee know that you will use your oath of office any way you want after you are confirmed and your “censure” for breaking the law is none of their business.    

Please recall some of the low character, dirty tricks you either know about or may have used during your FBI days:  deny, delay, change the subject, evade, avoid and make up stuff.  

Try to apply the Defense Contract Management Agency’s Chief Counsel, Bruce Krasker and his former Deputy Counsel, Jerome C. Brennan’s tactic concerning their insistence on framing innocent employees and other verified criminal activity because it works. 

As proof, when I asked Krasker why he insisted on the frame-up, he boasted,  “We (the Legal Directorate) can do anything we want. It’s called gaming. We can deny, we can delay…dismiss. We can manipulate the system any way we want.” 

Despite the DOJ’s verification of Krasker’s commitment to serious lawbreaking and criminal activity, the former United States attorney Michael J. Sullivan and his Chief of Public Corruption, Brian Kelly, made a conscious decision to ignore Kraskers’ crime pattern and practice.  And the Boston Supervisory FBI Agent involved, John T. Foley, thought the frame-ups were amusing.  Some say their conduct makes the Mafia look like Cinderella. 

If none of the above work, try the “honesty” and “integrity” route and admit that you are a person of low character, a dark operator and that you can and will operate above the law, as admitted, and if Senators Grassley, DeMint, McCain and Coburn don’t like it they can lump it.  I can assure you, this is a tactic that may get you confirmed. 

Finally, remind the Committee that, “character is what you do when no one is looking” and you are an expert at it.

Happy New Year, Erroll.

 * * * * * * *

Mr. Kinan is an Assistant Deputy Register with the Massachusetts Trial Court with extensive experience at identifying bad acts, dark operators and low character conduct.  His 30-page affidavit that FBI Agent Foley and Assistant United States Attorney Kelly suppressed can be obtained on request at