Timothy McQuiggan’s bio was not immediately findable.  (because I originally misspelled his name – en, instead of an)  I did find him listed as representing the Boeing company on this combined government and industry policy advisory committee.  Considering all of the problems with revolving doors and improper relationships between some members of industry, particularly defense contractors, and those serving in oversight roles in the federal government I am thinking that giving industry such access to lobby and try to influence the policies and actions of oversight authorities  is not such a good idea.  It provides more opportunity for undue influence. 

I recall a couple of years ago posting some information about a former DSS employee who left his position in policy or oversite, having authority over Boeing’s  and other defense contracts  who suddenly left DSS and moved immediately to a very lucrative job at Boeing.  That individual created quite a bit of controversy, a number of problems, and as I understand it from someone in the company, was asked to leave or retire in order to avoid having the company prosecuted for some wrongdoing involving that individual.  This is an example of the huge problem revolving doors are between government, particularly oversight agencies and at least some defense contractors.  GFS

Update 10-13-10:   Tim McQuiggan, is apparently the director of Government Security for Boeing Defense, Space &. Security.   Interesting. 

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National Industrial Security Program

 Policy Advisory Committee (NISPPAC)


The members of the NISPPAC are representatives of those departments and agencies most affected by the National Industrial Security Program and non-government representatives of contractors, licensees, or grantees involved with classified contracts, licenses, or grants, as determined by the Chair. The Chair appoints the members of NISPPAC. The ISOO Director chairs the NISPPAC. The members include 16 representatives from Executive branch agencies and eight representatives from industry.

To contact the NISPPAC, please e-mail: nisp@nara.gov. If you would like your e-mail referred to a specific member of the NISPPAC, please include the member’s name in the e-mail.

Government Members:

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Industry Members:

  • Chris R. Beals
    Fluor Corporation
  • Richard Lee Engel
  • Sheri Escobar
    Sierra Nevada Corporation
  • Marshall C. Sanders
    SRA International
  • Douglas B. Hudson
    Johns Hopkins University – Applied Physics Laboratory
  • Vincent Jarvie
    yL-3 Communications Corporation
  • Timothy J. McQuiggen
    The Boeing Company
  • Scott D. Conway
    Northrop Grumman Corporation