Someone sent this to me this morning.  I share the concerns about the process and wish to see a truly helpful healthcare bill pass this time.  GFS

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Subject: Action Page: There Must Be A PUBLIC Health Care Bill Conference Committee
Open The Health Care Conference Committee To Public Scrutiny
Last night we got an email from a Republican member of Congress
calling for public access to any health care bill conference
committee (H.Res.847). As you should well know by now, we are NOT
Republicans, we’ve only been advocating for every possible
progressive action for the last five years. But what progressive
could possibly be opposed to public scrutiny for the legislative
process? And sure enough, our most reliable hero Dennis Kucinich is a
sponsor as well.
The fact is, it’s not just the Republicans who have been shut out of
the debate to set national health care policy. The American people
have been completely shut out as well. This goes all the way back to
the beginning of the process, when activists were arrested and hauled
out of the Senate Finance committee for protesting the preemptive
exclusion of any discussion of Single Payer (Medicare for all) as a
basis for reform.
Now we hear that they don’t even plan on having a conference
committee to reconcile the weak bill passed by the House with the
total insurance industry sell out passed by the Senate. No, they are
just going to make another back room deal and install the worst case
Senate version by fiat. Even our House of Representatives is to be
shut out unless they entirely capitulate as well.
Action Page For Public Conference Committee:
We all know the Republicans just want to obstruct the process,
whether the bill is good or bad. And we say bring it on, let the
American people SEE their obstructionism on our TVs. But shame on the
Democrats, shame, shame, shame, for giving the Republicans good cause
for doing so. And shame on us, if we for our own partisan reasons do
not protest this outrage. The public’s business must be conducted in
the full light of day.
You would be wrong if you were to think you are doing the President
and the Democratic Congress a favor, by not calling them out for
betraying the hope of the American people for a robust public plan.
Such a plan is broadly supported and would be wildly popular. It
would cement the Democrats in power for a generation. Instead, the
current administration seems bent on forcing through a medical
insurance industry sell out that will discredit the leadership of the
Democratic party beyond redemption.
You see it happening already. Joe Lieberman, the guy who demanded any
public option be taken out of the bill, including a possible expanded
Medicare buy in proposal, is seeing his approval ratings tank down to
George Bush numbers. And that same fate awaits ANY Democrat who does
not stand up now and demand better. Because when the American people
wake up to what a sick suck up to the insurance industry this bill
is, there will be hell to pay at the polls.
And the dirtiest shame is that the Republicans are getting a free
pass in all this. Nobody will remember that they actually opposed a
strong public plan too. All anybody will remember is that they
opposed the bill that everybody hates the guts out of, the bill the
Democrats forced through without even a fair conference committee,
that passed without a single Republican vote.
Action Page For Public Conference Committee:
How can the Democrats be so utterly tone deaf, so politically stupid?
Who can save them from themselves? How could they be so perversely
determined to thrown away every scrap of good will and optimism that
the American people had riding on the outcome of this last election.
We’d better all speak up, and the Democrats had better listen, or the
current majority will be very short-lived indeed. And that’s not what
any of us want.
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