Kathleen M. Watson is the Director of the Defense Security Service.  There is little I found about her on the net.  I suspect her past associations with the CIA might explain her lack of visibility.  Her background is law.  She has served as a staff attorney in the DoD Office of General Counsel, and Central Intelligence Agency’s Office of General Counsel.  Prior to moving to her current position with DSS, she served as Chief of the CIA’s Administrative Law Division. 

Ms. Watson’s current agency’s purpose is stated as:

“DSS ensures the protection of U.S. and foreign classified or sensitive information in the possession of industry; facilitates the personnel security process; delivers security education and training; and, provides information technology services in support of Department of Defense (DoD) and partner agency industrial and personnel security missions.”

 (I do not believe DSS has any responsibility for personnel security at this time.  I was told that this was all moved to another government agency.  I had a friend who weathered through all of the uproar surrounding this some time ago, and now works as an investigator for Office of Personnel Management.)

Given all of that it would appear Ms. Watson should have detailed knowledge and understanding of laws and policies regarding defense contracting and related personnel and oversight matters.  With someone of that standing at the helm, and overseeing her staff’s endeavors, it seems odd that Boeing ostensibly is in so much trouble.  If oversight is working, they should be unable to get in to so much trouble, before being redirected and brought back into the bounds of the law and government policy.  

Anybody have any perspective on this?  GFS

I have found out in my search that Richard Lawhorn is still the  Defense Security Service Field Operations Manager, located in the Washington DC/Virgina region, possibly Alexandria.  Other than that, I am not finding much on him on line.   Anybody know this person?  Or know of this person?