I could hear the frustration and disgust in his last couple of letters.  With Mr. Kinan’s permission I post a quote from our latest communication.  I believe a lot of government (and other) whistleblowers are feeling exactly as Mr. Kinan describes, “I won’t quit, because I won’t quit.”  It is a grueling path to follow, and is as has been said before, a “choiceless choice” for many.   How about you?  

“I’m in my 13th year of writing to high officials and members of the press regarding first hand knowledge of frame ups and crime supported by overwhelming evidence and not one person has stood up to help end the crime. 



I was optimistic 12 years ago.  It has faded away. 



You have read my factual reporting, which has been verified by the DoJ and the FBI and still no one has any interest.  Why would anyone be optimistic now?  I won’t quit because I won’t quit.”  Douglas Kinan”



I think it is important to realize that for many, obtaining justice is a long process, which follows a very winding path.  Dealing with the scoundrels seems to be like going through a “fun house” or playing whack a mole.  And sometimes it does seem like the scoundrels have inherited the earth.  I know a number of individuals who have been fighting to address waste, fraud, abuse, corruption , enduring retribution, threats, real damage to themselves and their families for nearly a decade or more.  That old saw, “It is always darkest  just before the dawn,” seems very applicable.  If we keep using our determination and creativity and our persistant will, I believe we will overcome the wrongdoers.  It is difficult and we must be resourceful and strategic.  Please persist, all of you.  If we give up, we leave the scoundrels in charge of the field….and our country.   GFS