I noticed a link to this blog on my page this evening.  Although the author has posted a picture, he omitted mentioning his name.  I am sure many of you will find this predictable and laughable.  I post it here for your entertainment along with my reply.   GFS

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October 28, 2009

The Lowest Cost Means the Highest Net Income

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The average hourly pay rate in the state of Washington is $22.32.  The average hourly pay rate in South Carolina is $17.33.  So Boeing Company has decided to build their new 787 Dreamliner in a North Charleston facility in that Southern state.  Of course there is also an incentive package by South Carolina that sealed the deal.

The lesson learned is that free enterprise always looks for ways to lower its cost of doing business.  The state of Washington does not own Boeing.  There is no pact that requires their allegiance to that state’s population.  Lockheed moved from Los Angeles to Atlanta.  Technicolor has moved its CD and DVD manufacturing facilities that was located in Virginia and California to Mexico.  Many companies have outsourced their manufacturing to other countries. 

Let me put this another way.  Stock holders are not interested in providing welfare.  They are interested in net profit.  This too is part of America Incorporated.  Any questions? 

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 Dear nameless “Coastcontact” blogger:

It is my considered opinion upon observing what is currently happening, Washington State is no longer interested in providing welfare to greedy, ungrateful and self-serving corporations either.  How about Boeing buck up, pony up, and pay all the back taxes they’ve deferred over the decades?  And while we’re on the subject, stop flying customers out of WA airspace to sign the sales contracts, and pay the WA state taxes for planes made here?  

By the way, your lack of consciousness to any other ethical element, (beyond “profit for profit’s sake”), that should go into decision making regarding business decisions is quite illuminating about your own values and frame of reference.  Remember what goes around, comes around; it is not necessary for you to believe for that process to occur. 


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1-18-10    Don Evans, Coastcontact blogger, replies:


I appreciate your interest in my blog

My response to your posting is as follows:

First, I do not understand why knowing my name will improve reader knowledge.  Ham radio operators have “handles” too.  I am not trying to hide.  Second, the purpose of this entry was to explain how business works.  I did not say I supported this behavior.  If you take the time to read other entries in my blog you will realize I am a “bleeding heart liberal” on most social issues.  I am also a fiscal moderate.  I understand exactly why the government gave money to American auto manufacturers and banks.  The consequence of not taking that action would have been even more devastating to the nation’s economy.

Don Evans

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1-18-10    My reply:

Thank you for your reply.  I will look at the rest of your blog.  Time did not permit that yesterday.  I am not primarily about focusing on criticizing the bailout, but am committed to supporting government and industry whistleblowers.  I have more knowledge about government and defense contracting  due to my many friends and associates in that arena, both in the government and at defense contractor corporations.  You very much sounded like some of the people who post, who are managers or sometimes co-opted employees of Boeing, who usually post anonymously and who spout the company rhetoric and attack the honest people in Boeing who are trying to address problems and getting beat up for trying.

I do not know what your background and experience is specifically, but if you had the knowledge I currently have about that company and it’s business dealings and how many open investigations are being conducted at all levels of our government oversight, you might better understand my mission and postings.

I do not accept the “that’s the way it is” attitude you presented.  In fact that company often says “It’s just a business decision” when questioned about some of their actions.  It is not necessary or required for things to operate that way, and in fact, that kind of unethical business behavior is taking our country down.  There is a long line of government and corporate whistleblowers who have tried to do the right thing and have had their careers, lives and families decimated for doing so.  And they’ve gotten very little support and help from our government oversight, elected politicians, or frankly the legal community due to the economic power, influence, and intimidation ability wielded by that company.   It must stop.  I will post your response on my blog with the original information.  Thank you for taking time to write.  GFS