Here is a heartfelt and sincere statement from Douglas Kinan on behalf of a number of whistleblowers  including Kenneth Pedeleose.  Mr. Pedeleose is in need of support from all of you.  He needs more people to apply pressure to assure a real investigation and a real prosecution of those who who break laws and abuse whistleblowers happen now.  Please contact Mr. Kinan for copies of pertinent information.  (See his email contact below.)  Thank you!  GFS

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Another major cover up, a fraudulent report and scapegoating of lower level supervisors. Same old M.O.

In view of Admiral Mullen’s knowledge of military cover ups, he should be ashamed of the conduct and the record of the DoD Inspector General’s “dysfunctional,” criminal operation.

My bet is that DoD Inspector General, Gordon Hedell and his dysfunctional group are directly involved because cover-ups are what they do best.

Gates, Mullen and Mueller know or should know about their criminal activity.

The “investigation” is a total sham on the American public and the victims of Fort Hood.

Is there anyone that believes the chain of command was not aware of Hasan’s conduct? If so, send for my affidavit.

As a former DoD employee responsible for monitoring 29 CFR 1614 investigations, the directives are clear: cover up at all costs. I refused and reported criminal activity, including frame-ups of innocent employees to the IG Hotline Director, Leonard C. Trahan, Jr., and the chain of command. Secretary Gates says that the military needs to deal with danger “openly and honestly,” yet he is ignoring a record of continuing criminal activity by his subordinates.

Concerning the criminal activity and frame-ups, the Defense Contract Management Agency’s Chief Counsel, Bruce Krasker stated, “We (the Legal Directorate) can do anything we want. It’s called gaming. We can deny, we can delay…dismiss. We can manipulate the system any way we want.”

Krasker knew he could make this boast because he had cover from Trahan and the IG chain of command.

Krasker and his former Deputy Jerome C. Brennan insisted on framing innocent employees and engaging in other criminal activity, using millions of tax dollars to do it.

Trahan rationalized the frame-ups this way: “There were two EEO cases in the District in which Mr. Kinan disagreed with the decisions made by [the Equal Employment Manager] and the [DCMDE Chief Counsel.] Instead of accepting those decisions “as reasonable people can disagree”, they became a ‘cause celebre’ for Mr. Kinan.”

Thus far, Trahan has been unable to produce that “reasonable” person who thinks framing an innocent person is okay except for his cronies.

Trahan, a “retired Army CID agent” with approximately 40 years experience, should know that framing two innocent people is not “two EEO cases” – it’s framing two innocent people. It’s a felony. Trahan watched two innocent individuals anguish for 50 – 60 months and allowed them to be stripped of their career and full pension.

The most recent frame up, using the same M.O., is that of Kenneth Pedeleose. Pedeleose is a senior industrial engineer with the DCMA who objected to, and blew the whistle on the Lockheed C-5 parts scandal: $744.00 for washers, $714.00 for a rivet, $5,217 for a 1-inch metal bracket and $2,522 for a 4-inch metal sleeve. According to a Federal Times April 5, 2004 story, Pedeleose’s whistle blowing “resulted in government savings of $34 million according to the [Department of Defense] estimates.” In 2008, his peers named Pedeleose “Employee of the Year – 2007.”

In a June 28, 2006 sworn interview with the NSA, Trahan describes Pedeleose this way: “disruptive, disloyal and counterproductive.” Trahan’s false statements suggest that he is at the front of Pedeleose’s retaliation. Trahan has demonstrated that he is impervious to DoD rules and regulations and the law. Trahan’s conduct is a serious contradiction to what the DoD IG represents to the government and is un-American.

In a conflict of interest, the AIG for Policy and Oversight, James L. Pavlik, covered up for Trahan by conducting a fraudulent investigation, making false official statements and issuing a fraudulent report to deceive Senator Grassley.

After he reviewed my 30-page affidavit, Pavlik writes: “We found that Mr. Kinan has repeatedly distorted the factual record by asserting only some of the relevant facts in order to convince others that he was wronged by the system.” Pavlik even lied about lying.

One of the worse aspects of the DCMA’s retaliatory frame-ups is the promotions given out in exchange for false testimony, which cheats all federal employees out of merit based promotions.

The public should be outraged at this sham. The victims and the families of the Fort Hood massacre deserve better than this.

Covering up frame-ups is one thing – covering up murder is another.

Mr. Kinan is an Officer of the Court – an Assistant Deputy Register with the Massachusetts Trial Court. He is on the Board of Directors for the Boston State Hospital Project and Treasurer of the Boston Community Trust. Mr. Kinan’s affidavit, Trahan’s official cover up statement and his request to Senator Lieberman to be a government witness is available on request at