Indeed, theoretically anyone can.  But will they?  Whistling tends to call the pack down upon you.  Not everyone is willing to do that.  Those that do, are setting themselves up for the long haul.  Someone recently told me that having a rock in your shoe for a short jaunt down the hallway is one thing but having a rock in your shoe for a 25 mile run is another. 
A friend in Alaska once told me that real Alaskans know better than to put on those “bear bells” marketed to tourists in the summer.  There is no surer and faster way to make yourself the end target of those carnivores than to wear those bells that were allegedly intended to notify the bear of your presence and encourage his or her bearness to move along out of your way. 
Thankfully, some of those among us are willing to do what is right even with the cost to themselves and their families.  We owe all of them our efforts to help and support them. 
The newest version of  the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (S. 372) is an example of when all of us are needed to take action and apply pressure in whatever way we personally can.  If this is enacted, we will be going back to the dark ages, and no one will be safe, or should I say we will be even less safe than the danger we are all in presently.  (Please see earlier post from the National Whistleblower’s Center, today.)