Dear G. Florence,

As you may know, since last summer we were on the verge of reconciling House and Senate Whistleblower Protection Act legislation — the final challenge in a ten-year campaign to restore credible free speech rights within the federal government. 375 organizations have joined the campaign for best practice rights protecting all employees paid by the taxpayers, including those in national security positions.  

Late last year, just when it looked like the Senate bill was going to be passed, there were a number of delays and now two Senators have placed holds on the bill because they think it is too strong. Members of our Make It Safe Coalition (MISC) steering committee, the White House, and key House and Senate offices have been working tirelessly to get those holds lifted and get the Senate bill passed.

The Senate bill is flawed, but it is the strongest bill ever offered in the Senate and includes many of the improvements we have been fighting for over the past 3 years. But most importantly, this bill must be passed if we are to get a strong whistleblower law enacted this year. That’s why POGO and other groups like GAP, Public Citizen, UCS, AFGE, NTEU, and ACLU have been working for Senate passage of this bill alongside many MISC partners.  We know that after passage will come the hard work of strengthening the final legislation, which will reconcile the House and Senate whistleblower bills.

If you would like to help, our bottom line message is simple. Please contact your senators and tell them to insist that Senators Harry Reid (D – NV) and Mitch McConnell (R – KY) deliver a vote on the Whistleblower Protection Act, without further stalling or delay. Tell them that ten years is long enough to pass rights so that those who defend the public can defend themselves. Please head over to the MISC Action Center to send a message now.


Danielle Brian

Executive Director