A reader sent this today after  I posted a number of other things this morning.  This reader understands why I have been unrelentingly posting concerns about some of President Obama’s political appointments.  We have a real mess on our hands that is getting worse, by appointment.  GFS


What’s happenin’?

G. Florence-

Remember when the State Department posted export violation cases and export enforcement actions for recently closed investigations and cases?  I guess all that is no longer important.  The current Boeing Company controlled government administration doesn’t consider such information relevant.

It appears that 2007 is the last State Department posted information.

Could this be the following individuals hard at work for Boeing and the defense industry?

-Jim Jones, President’s National Security Advisor (former Boeing Director Audit and Finance Committees)

-Jim McNerney, Chairman, President’s Export Advisory Council (Boeing Company Chairman)

-Eric Holder, Attorney General (orchestrator of the Department of Justice Deferred Non-Prosecution Agreement with Boeing)

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