It’s been a long time in coming, but Goldman Sachs
has finally been called to answer questions about
the way it does business.

Unfortunately – and predictably – the Senate sub-committee
was unprepared and wasted an opportunity.

Facts of life:

* Goldman has a multi-decade history of fraud
going back to the 1920s

* Goldman was one of the ring leaders of the
DotCom IPO scam of the 1990s

* By being willing to package and re-sell total
garbage real estate loans, Goldman & other banks
massively inflated real estate prices, defrauded
investors all over the world, and brought the
world financial system to the brink (and we’re
not out of the woods yet.)

Criminals…and if they didn’t own the last three
White Houses, some of them would be in jail.
– Brasscheck

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