There are a number of troubled agencies, I’ve been monitoring lately.  One of the ones that is most troubling is the Defense Security Service (DSS).  (You can use the search on this blog and see how many articles or comments I’ve posted about DSS and read them all.) 

I recently heard from my sources within the DSS, (an agency which has oversight of defense contracts bid and won by various defense contractors), that the Director, Kathleen Watson and their Director of Field Operations, Richard Lawhorn, have made staff assessment visits the highest priority in the Defense Security Service.

I understand that “staff assessment visits” mean full scale attacks on local and regional offices of DSS and specifically targeting their field personnel and local/regional office chiefs.)  Due to mismanagement it appears, from the top, many of these offices are understaffed, undertrained, and over-tasked in trying to fulfill their routine mission and jobs, let alone be able to deal with the kind of games now being launched against them by their head office and regional managers.  This appears to be full-scale campaign of retribution being levied against local/regional office field personnel.  I would like to know why.

I have also heard that Watson and Lawhorn are requiring these already understaffed and overworked field offices to assign field personnel to these assessment visits around the country at the expense of accomplishing the agency’s stated mission.  (Read that as real oversight work.)   To this interested observer it appears to be a deliberate sabotaging of the DSS employees ability to do their jobs.  

If any of you have any further details or perspective on what is going on within this very troubled agency, please leave comment or contact me by email through this blog site. 

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