I received this from Robin Petersen today describing his problems with Boeing taking responsibility for their subsidiary BISS.  GFS


If you have the time I would suggest taking a moment to look at this C-Span link;


I would also suggest that you start the C-Span video at 1:17 in which Mr. McNerney begins his testimony before the AFSC.

The Boeing Company CEO, Mr. James W. McNerney Jr. went on record before the Armed Forces Services Committee in August of 2006 following a Department of Justice investigation that proved that the Boeing Company had been involved in unethical and criminal wrongdoing.  Mr. McNerney, the new CEO of (14 months) stated in part that he would personally ensure that “The Boeing Company” would put the unethical past behind them, move forward, and operate under the highest standards of integrity and ethical business conduct.  Mr. McNerney stated that he would personally oversee the Boeing Ethics and Compliance Programs and hold those managers who failed to follow his leadership principles and ethics guidelines accountable. 

You should know that I contacted the Boeing Ethics Hotline in April of 2009 to express my concerns of unethical business practices, by people who represented themselves as “Boeing Managers.”  I also contacted Mr. McNerney himself, via federal express letter from Saudi Arabia in June 2009 in which I identified a number of ethical violations; that I was injured; that his company had breached my contract for failure to pay me my salary; that I felt fraud was taking place; that there was a complete disregard for the safety and wellbeing of Boeing employees; and that my U.S. Passport had not been returned upon my request. 

Mr. McNerney never bothered to respond to this report of obvious ethics and criminal violations.  If leadership, ethics and integrity are to be achieved by example, I believe Mr. McNerney has failed in that responsibility.  

Thank you,

Robin P. Petersen (Rob)