August 6, 2010

The AP reported yesterday that the Senate confirmed Obama’s nominee, retired Air Force Lt. General James R. Clapper as the next Director of National Intelligence.  This was a bad nomination in the opinion of this blogger and the Senate showed extreme lack of judgment in approving this nomination. 

To his credit, Senator Tom Coburn, R-Oklahoma had put a hold on the nomination approval, but unfortunately had later lifted the hold, enabling the approval to go through.  Shame on you, Senators.  Do any of you have the best interests of this nation foremost in your priorities?  It does not appear so to many of us watching defense matters closely, and concerned about the amount of corruption having its way with DoD employees and creating DoD whistleblowers.

You can find earlier articles regarding Clapper on this blog.  There are good reasons to doubt the wisdom and sense of this nomination and Senate approval for the Director of National Intelligence position.  Put this situation on your radar screen.  I would suggest we may find Kathleen Watson, Defense Security Service Director,  may turn up in a new position soon.