Someone sent this comment in to me today.  I post it here for consideration.  Interesting.  I think I would expand that to a caution to both the Democrats and the Republicans, regarding the attitude of jobs for life, and in some cases, ongoing family legacies of serving in public office.   GFS



Take a look at this.  I am reading the book, The Scientists, by John Gribbin.  Here is a quote from that book worth reading.  History does appear to repeat itself!   


The French taxation system at the time managed to be unfair, incompetent and corrupt.  Many of the problems arose from the stability of the French political system over the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, when Louis XIV reigned for 72 years (assisted by the Church)….covering the period when England TWICE disposed of monarchs that they took exception to….  Neither of them took much notice of the will of the people.  The result was the practices (such as exempting nobles from taxes)….  This was a major factor in the discontent that led to the French Revolution….  When Louis XVI succeeded to the throne in 1774, he attempted to reform some of the corrupt administrative practices he had inherited.  These included the way gunpowder was supplied (or as often as not, not supplied) to the army and navy.  Like the tax system, this was corrupt and inefficient.”


Does this have a ring of familiarity today?  Maybe the Democratic Party needs to stop thinking of the political system as a “job for life” and start thinking about the good of the country and the survival of the lower and middle class in this country.  I would really hate to lose our two party system, but we need to step up to the plate and make the hard decisions that will take corporations out of politics and put it back into the hands of “we the people.”

We need courts that are not influenced by their political beliefs but base their decisions on the intent of the founders of the country.

We need to keep politics and religion totally separate and maybe it is about time religious organizations begin to pay their way to live in a democracy.  If they are going to enter into the political arena then they are not keeping church and state separate and what is “sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.”

Retired Fed