This video is thought provoking.  I’ve been considering what appears to be the breadth and depth of corruption within our government, Pentagon and contractors, including large defense contractors. 

Practically, after sorting through this article, it appears to this writer that the same kinds of activities are ongoing.  One difference is that some large defense contractors have become even more politically and economically powerful and have even more influence.

 The public has been an expendable nuisance in all of this, except for their usefulness in paying the cost of the “police actions” or covert military actions, and the fraud that has been so rampant in contracting.  I can believe that how this is accomplished is through coordination of certain people who hold political positions, presidentially appointed heads of agencies, some corrupted career civil service or SES employees, certain position holders in the Pentagon, ( military or civilian positions), and of course those who directly make the most profit, the executives, board, (and stockholders) of certain defense contractors. 

Take away the wild eyed conspiracy aspects, and in reality, there is still an organized effort on the part of interrelated parties to make money, lots of money, at this nation’s and the taxpayer’s expense.   The average American citizen is not bettering themselves and profiting from all of this, and many might choose not to participate for moral or philosophical reasons, particularly once they realized they were being played, but those certain parties in those cabals who orchestrate these actions certainly do profit on a large scale.  And at great negative consequence to our economy and real national security.    Think about it. 



The 1980s was a gold rush era for government-embedded


Here’s what that “golden age” looked like and who was involved.

Hint: George Bush Sr. was one of the ring leaders and many of

of the people who worked with him worked with George Jr

from 2000 to 2008.


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