As fast as I was able to post the original link and send it via email to some of my readers, I received this back.  Good on you, reader in Washington!  -GFS



Dear Senator:

I strongly support more rights and protections for government employees and contractors who blow the whistle on waste, fraud, abuse, and illegal and unsafe practices.

Today, federal employees and government contractor employees must put their jobs, careers, and family security on the line for exposing wrongdoing in government. That’s the world upside down: Federal law should honor these everyday heroes. Simply put: Protecting whistleblowers is a high impact, low cost, common sense way to make our government open and accountable.

I understand that the reform bill necessary to address this situation, the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act, is bottled up in the Senate. This is unacceptable. Please ask Senator Reid and Senator McConnell to take whatever action is necessary to break this legislative logjam.

Federal employees and government contractor employees are often our best defense against fraud, waste, abuse and threats to public safety and the environment. They urgently need your help.  A growing number of them face daily harassment, retribution and injury for standing up to their corrupt managers and others.  Their lawbreaking foes must be held accountable for their actions, and the whistleblowers must be supported and their careers and lives made whole again.

I have written to both of you before about a specific federal employee’s situation.  Only one of you was willing to help.  Thank you Senator Cantwell. 

Senator Murray, I am very disappointed in you, as you seem to be willing to turn your back on those in your state who have found themselves at odds with wrongdoers in large defense contractors (one in particular) and those high in the Pentagon and DoD who have been trying to cover all of this up, and trying to destroy any federal employee who attempts to see to it that U.S. Law and Policies are followed.  It is called Justice.  And these federal employees are being denied justice, as are the American Taxpayers who are paying for all of the fraud, waste, and abuse being heaped upon them by the wrongdoers.  I ask you again to stand up and face your campaign contributors and do the right thing.