Here is another letter that someone sent me recently after they sent a letter to their elected officials.  -GFS


Dear Senator:  sent to Murray, Cantwell, Obama (Pres.), and Biden (VP)

JUSTICE:  The maintenance or administration of that which  is just…the administration of law according to the rules of law or equity…. the principle of rectitude and just dealing of men with each other….also conformity to it …. integrity(fairness).  So you won’t have to look it up, the foregoing is from the Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.

It would be well for all of Congress to read the Declaration of Independence and discuss its meanings and see how it applies to the present day situation.

It would seem to me that when two Senators ( Reid and McConnell) can keep a bill from being voted on, you are not doing “the will of the people”.  In fact, the rest of you are sitting on your hands and doing a poor job of representing us.  I’m ashamed to say that our elected Congress does not want equal justice for all.  Shame on you!

We need equal rights and protections for government employees and contractors that blow the whistle on waste, fraud, abuse, and illegal and unsafe practices.  And put another way, protecting whistleblowers is a high impact, low cost, common sense way to make our government open and accountable and to keep us safe.

Supposedly we have laws and regulations that we expect our government workers to read and apply without prejudice.  We ask these same federal workers everyday to be honest and loyal to our government and our people.  Does it seem right to you that when they do what we have hired them to do that a growing number of them face daily harassment, retribution and injury for standing up to their corrupt managers and others.  Their lawbreaking foes must be held accountable for their actions, and the whistleblowers must be supported and their careers and lives made whole again.

I do not need the corrupt working for me!  I ask you to support a strong whistle blower law that will create justice, not only for the whistleblowers but for the people of the United States.  It’s about time as the old saying goes “put your money where your mouth is” and vote for the whistleblower protection law.