Someone sent this to me last week.  I post it here for everyone to consider.  It appears some of our elected officials including Alan Grayson, Congressman from Florida, are working to help people see how their congressional candidates stand on certain types of reform legislation prior to the fall elections.  You also can add your name to the list of people committed to real change and clean up of the swamp we have been dealing with as of late.  Go for it!



Subject: Sick of corporate corruption? Join me and Stand for Democracy
We need a government that solves real problems and answers to the people, not to BP, Goldman Sachs and big corporate lobbyists. We have seen where that gets us.
Decades of lobbying and influence peddling in DC have given us a government that is full of corporate corruption. It is not a new problem, but we can end it now if this election year we join together to support a blueprint to take back our democracy and demand that our elected leaders stand with us.
That is why I endorsed on the Stand for Democracy Pledge, a crowd-sourced statement of principles about how democracy should work. If we people across the country come together to sign this pledge, we can send a real message to candidates about what we need to do to get this job done.
I participated and I hope you will, too.
Follow this link to take a stand for democracy: