Tell Congress to Pass Federal Whistleblower Rights

We Need Your Voice Before Congress Adjourns

Dear Whistleblower Community:

We are nearing the end of a decade long campaign to strengthen the Whistleblower Protection Act. With less than 80 working days before Congress adjourns, we need your voice to ensure passage of the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (S. 372, H.R. 1507).

Over the past several months, we have overcome opposition and are closer than ever to real reform. However, we risk having to start over next Congress if final passage of this bill isn’t made a political imperative. In the meantime, countless whistleblowers continue to be the target of retaliation, without having any credible rights to defend themselves with.

All of the cards are stacked in our favor, but time is running out! Congress needs to hear from you today!


In sending this message, we encourage you to use your own words. You can also make similar calls to your elected representative and senators.

Here are some points to keep in mind for your communications:

1) There is no better resource against government wrongdoing than whistleblowers, who are the taxpayer’s best friend. They have exposed more corruption and bureaucratic abuses than all congressional hearings and laws combined.

2) Don’t give government whistleblowers more rights with false teeth. Rights for those who defend the taxpayers should be just as strong as those Congress has passed a dozen times since the millennium for corporate workers who defend investments.

3) Every elected leader or candidate campaigning against bloated government or wasteful spending must do everything possible to deliver whistleblower rights to the public servants who risk everything to keep our government honest and accountable.

4) Congress must restore a credible Whistleblower Protection Act with teeth for all government employees and contractors (where there is the least accountability). If politicians don’t have time for the whistleblower bill, they don’t have time for the taxpayers. With federal spending out of control, we cannot afford to delay passage of the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act. Don’t come home without it!


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