From Government Accountability Project (GAP)


Corporate Whistleblowers: Take Our OSHA Survey!!

For over a decade, corporate whistleblowers and their attorneys have complained to GAP that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has made a bad joke of employee free speech rights. Unfortunately, OSHA is of paramount importance in the whistleblower process – it is the agency responsible for the first (investigative) stage of the United States’ major private sector whistleblower system, as detailed by law. For unemployed whistleblowers who cannot afford to finance a trial, it’s OSHA or nothing. In response to congressional and public criticism, OSHA has commissioned a review of its whistleblower program. We are skeptical of this effort’s sincerity, because the review was designed by the same officials who caused the problems, and may be a ploy to avoid accountability. But it also is a chance to call their bluffs.


With your help, a rare opportunity to expose bureaucratic deception will not be wasted. GAP has created a survey regarding OSHA operations — and we need your experiences so that we can bring to light the ineffectiveness of the whistleblower investigatory process. Please consider filling out the anonymous survey by Monday, September 13. Thank you for teaming up to make a difference on respect for your free speech rights.