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Aug 20, 2010

Pentagon to Release Names of Moneyed Mentors, Withhold Info about Potential Conflicts of Interest

“USA Today recently published an update to their November 2009 investigation into retired military officers consulting for the Pentagon. At the time, the Defense Department (DoD) wouldn’t release a full list of the mentors, but USA Today reporters Tom Vanden Brook, Ken Dilanian and Ray Locker identified 158 of them, and found that 80 percent had financial ties to defense contractors.

In response, Secretary Robert Gates announced an overhaul of the program to be headed by Deputy Secretary William Lynn—who famously was the first appointee to receive a waiver from President Obama’s ethics standards. We’re still waiting to hear back from the Pentagon as to whether Deputy Secretary Lynn’s first year at the Pentagon was in compliance with ethics restrictions required by the Senate Armed Services Committee.

In July, DoD reworked the program, a process that included revising ethics rules to identify conflicts, and last week Deputy Secretary Lynn announced that “in a step toward transparency” they would release the names and roles of the mentors. But apparently, publicly disclosing information regarding potential conflicts is too big of a leap for Pentagon-kind.

USA Today‘s editorial board appropriately took the Pentagon to task:”

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