Washington Senate Race Endorsements, MoveOn.Org and the Deaf Ears of Politicians to Whistleblowers

 I got an email from MoveOn.Org last week. I am not sure how I got on their mailing list. In my blogs, I pretty much criticize everyone who I believe deserves it regardless of political party affiliation.

They were asking me who they should endorse in the Washington Senate Race (incumbent Senator Patty Murray (D) or challenger Dino Rossi (R)

They also left a space to write in a candidate. Then they left a space to write in explanatory comments. Against my better judgment, I wrote in a name in the write in slot and then explained why.

I explained that I had a problem with both the incumbent and the challenger. I clarified that the incumbent had a history of supporting her industrial campaign contributors and was willing to ignore her individual constituent’s appeals to her for help when they were federal or industry employees being treated badly as whistleblowers, or threats to the corruption done by the employers. Her deafening silence has not endeared her to multiples people who’ve been standing up to the creeps pretty much on their own. She has been doing a lot of cheerleading for a particular very large defense contractor/aerospace corporation, despite their catalog of sins and continued mistreatment of their own employees and federal oversight employees. There is a very good reason she is known as the Senator from Boeing.

As far as her challenger, I explained that I considered him no better. He keeps whining and running for office, and his only lack is that he hasn’t been in a position of power and authority so he can do exactly what Murray has been doing. So, there would be no difference; they are both disasters.

I explained that I had written in the name of my attorney, as I really found that despite commonly held views about attorneys and all the jokes, although I didn’t always agree with my attorney politically, I found him to me much more ethical and honest than either of those candidates.

The next day, I got another email from Moveon.org, happily announcing they had endorsed Patty Murray who was going to help them stop all those corrupt corporations and contractors from continuing their campaign of fraud, waste, and abuse.  It went on and on beyond that.  After I got through shrieking and laughing myself out of my chair, I deleted it.  (It’s still in the trash file, should I need to get it out and post it on the blogs with annotations.) I am still plotting my blog post I will write about it.

Presently more than disgusted with nearly everyone,




Response from The Last Inspector:   

LOL, G. Florence.

I know about intimately and agree with everything you wrote.

Murray did help me a tiny bit, albeit behind the scenes so as not to appear anti-Boeing.

The problem with most Democrats is they are too meek, albeit republicans are as meek in many ways (they have to be, as if they campaign honestly on what their agenda is, the vast majority of people will never vote for them).

If Murray and Democrats didn’t always appear to be afraid of their own shadows on how they responded to every issue and just did what they wanted to do, they would be far more successful in the polls.

Being afraid to go up against the political power of an evil corporation like Boeing is illustrative of that.

Despite all of her bowing to Boeing, the evil management at the company stabbed her and all Boeing workers in the back by putting the second 787 line in SC.

That’s what happens when you in essence make deals with devils like Boeing management.

However, despite their meekness in standing up to those forces more powerful than even a US senator, there still is no equivalency between Democrats and republicans, no matter how bad the Democrat is (except in the very few cases when the democrat actually acts like a republican when elected).

That is the falsehood that many spout out when their subconscious is desperately looking for reasons to justify voting for the other side.

Democrats are angels when compared to evil republicans, although there is never complete black and white, the following is as black and white as it gets:

Democrats are honest. Republicans are liars.

Democrats believe and legislate for what WJWD without wearing their Christianity on their sleeves. republicans believe and legislate for the opposite of what WJWD and then falsely proclaim themselves the “party of Christians and Jesus.” They demonize Democrats, when it is actually themselves that are working for the head demon.

Democrats are the opposite of hypocrites; republicans are the worst hypocrites in existence. Just look at one issue–they impeached a president for lying about an affair, yet they now have several republicans in the Congress who have had affairs and even lied about them, yet their hypocritical supporters still support them, and few if any ask them to resign or ask for their impeachment (that would require not being a hypocrite).

Democrats work for the people, as the Constitution “wants,” and only suck up to corporations because of our corrupt campaign finance system that gives corporations the key to politician’s doors when citizens are shut out, and due to their meek natures (like Murray). Republicans work solely for corporations, and never for the people, only sucking up to the delusional and stupid people in the electorate around election time with lies and making up bogus wedge issues like the “Ground Zero Mosque,” for they could never get elected if they campaigned honestly on their true beliefs. Like the devil, the only way they can convert souls is to deceive.

Democrats are the party of all sane true Christians. Republicans are the party of the American Taliban, who, like the Taliban, are doing the opposite of the “holy books” their faiths are based on. All those who fall victim to the false Christianity of the republicans will go to hell, if there is one. I am an agnostic, so I believe they can’t go to a place that doesn’t exist, but their sole legacy will be that they made the world hell while they were alive, whereas the democrats worked to make it a place more heaven-like and WWJD-like. If hell existed, and Jesus were alive, he would likely re-state that a republican’s chance of getting into heaven is as likely as a 747 flying through the eye of a needle unscathed.   

So, albeit Murray has hurt this whistleblower through almost total inaction almost as deep as my wife when she betrayed me, even I may hold my nose and vote for her, especially if she pledges to break the “senator from corrupt Boeing management” mantra. A vote for anyone else is a vote for Rossi, who is the very definition of the evil that is today’s republican party. In evilness, there is no comparison. As noted, Murray is an angel compared to Rossi. If he gets in, things will be 100 times worse for us whistleblowers.  

In all things perspective is needed. Anger can cloud our vision. In the long term, we need to fix the campaign finance system that republicans and the evil five on the Supreme Court back for selfish reasons, as giving more power to contribute to the powerful only enhances their goal of furthering our Plutocracy.

Once that is done, Democrats can be true Democrats, and stand up to the evils against the people like Boeing management. Rossi will always side with the evildoers.

Any republicans out there should get themselves exorcized. Anyone out there not under the influence like G Florence should regain their perspective before the election and get motivated. If you can’t hold your nose and vote for Murray, work for any other Democrats out there like your country’s and whistleblowers’ fates depend on it, for it does.

Christian Republicans, and those “going toward the republican light (that leads to the opposite of heaven), repent now, while you can save yourselves from an earthly or unearthly hell that the republicans will attempt to bring back into existence if taking power again.