I have found myself on an increasing number of mailing lists.  I received a copy of a mass email sent out by Mitch Stewart of Organizing for America, as many of you may have also. I am posting it below with my reply at the bottom of this post.  Enjoy.



 Here it is:

‘Friend —

“This is a threat to our democracy…And if we just stand by and allow the special interests to silence anybody who’s got the guts to stand up to them, our country’s going to be a very different place.”

That’s what the President just said about the Chamber of Commerce, a right-wing group spending $75 million to beat Democrats this fall, and reportedly taking money from foreign corporations — some even owned by foreign governments.

These groups are trying to buy our elections, backing candidates who want to tear down everything that makes the middle class strong in this country: things like Medicare, Social Security, even the minimum wage.

Donations are pouring in from the President’s and First Lady’s notes this week, but we all need to do what we can to stop this threat to our democracy.

Will you chip in $3 right now? Your gift will be matched by a fellow supporter who is just as dedicated as you are.

There’s no cavalry to help fight against this — just you.

You knock the doors, make the phone calls, and talk to one voter at a time to sway this election. And yes, every clipboard, every office, every piece of mail reminding a voter where to cast her ballot, and every pizza for weary volunteers gets paid for by you. Not by PACs, not by lobbyists — you.

There’s another grassroots supporter who knows this, and has offered to match your contribution.

Donate $3 or more now to double your impact today:


Let’s do this,


Mitch Stewart


Organizing for America’

 email:  info@barackobama.com


I found the quote from the President quite interesting and very germane to the struggle of truly patriotic and responsible federal workers who find themselves whistleblowers for showing some backbone and doing the right thing.  Here is the response I have sent back to Mr. Stewart and President Obama.  GFS

‘Mitch Stewart and President Barack Obama:

This is a threat to our democracy…And if we just stand by and allow the special interests to silence anybody who’s got the guts to stand up to them, our country’s going to be a very different place.”  -Barack Obama

 Thank you for sending this message.  I find it interesting that the President’s quote is very pertinent to the plight that federal workers who stand up to wrongdoing by their supervisors, upper management, and industry as a part of doing their job, and then find themselves being labeled whistleblowers and suffer retribution and abuse as they continue to try to do their jobs. 

For the same reasons, whistleblowers need real protection from the bad players who are destroying their careers, personal lives and their family lives.  These corrupted managers in government and in industry are destroying our economy in some cases, and our country in general.  The apparent Presidential and current administration’s attitude of “ignore it, don’t prosecute, and move on” is not helping to repair the damage done by the previous administration and others before it.  

I will feel more compelled to answer your requests for money when I see some real progress with these critical issues not only of national security, but of economic security and social safety and security coming from this administration.  Right now, I continue to blog in effort to support these people who unfortunately find themselves being whistleblowers and the real heroes of our time.  You may see a collection of news, views, and comments regarding their struggles at:  https://gflorencescott.wordpress.com/

Please stand up and take considered and deliberate actions to put us on a path which will hold unethical and criminal people in the government accountable, and protect those that stand up to them and report the problems so they may be solved.  We can’t just look the other way and move on.  It only empowers those who do not have the best interests of our nation at heart, and demoralizes and destroys the rest of us.’

G. Florence Scott