A reader sent this to me this evening.  I had heard that something had happened to Jones, but was on the road and could not check for myself today.  Hmmmm    Exile or Revolving Door Next?  Thank you wonderful reader!


G. Florence,


Stepping down, or stepping back to Boeing?  


Ex Boeing Employee

General James Jones to Step Down as National Security Adviser

Friday 08 October 2010

by: Steven Thomma  |  McClatchy Newspapers | Report

Washington – President Barack Obama will announce today that retired Gen. James Jones will step down as the president’s National Security Adviser and will be replaced by his deputy, Thomas Donilon, according to two officials with knowledge of the decision who spoke only on the condition of anonymity because it hadn’t been made public.

Obama will make the announcement at 1 pm in the White House Rose Garden.

Jones departure is expected to be effective in two weeks, a source said.

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Read between the lines when

Fri, 10/08/2010 – 16:32 — Anonymous (not verified)

Read between the lines when you go to explore who this man is and try to understand why he’s been fired – and he has been fired. Look for what is not said, ask why the steps in his career took place. Look for the dog that didn’t bark…

Not to give my opinion and sully the picture for others, but there does seem to be some failure of consensus at the high levels of power – a failure of consensus with respect to method, or, possibly, policy.

Wanna bet that the next Big Event is a tar-baby ploy, something like the bay of pigs?

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