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USDA, & Vilsack fire another. This one is a US Farm Bill whistleblower.

Please read this article. I will use “hyperspectral data” to show this to the newspaper readers.

The mainstream media is not concerned about the $300 Billion 2008 US Farm Bill, and how the USDA steals your money.

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Front Page : Whistleblower reveals himself
on 11/10/2010 (349 reads)
Valvo accuses NRCS of betraying the public trust

(The following article is part two in a series of articles dealing with the investigation of the NRCS in Pembina County.)

REGION—In the first article it was introduced that the Natural Resource Conservation Service’s (NRCS) office in Cavalier is under investigation by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) in regards to allegations of fraud, waste and mismanagement.

These acts are violations of the public trust. They were first brought to the attention of the NRCS Cavalier Field Office and eventually to the OIG by Geo-Spatial Analyst Anthony (Tony) Valvo, who is currently employed as a soil conservationist with the NRCS and has a master’s degree from Purdue. He has been employed by the federal government for seven months in the Cavalier field office.

Valvo, is not a career bureaucrat, but carries his work experience from American industry. He is also a veteran of the U.S. Navy, where he served in the engineering department aboard a fleet ballistic missile submarine.

Valvo is not a disgruntled employee, but someone who tried to right wrongs that he considered violations of the public trust. The following is his story:

I am an example of the great opportunity afforded our citizenry, and a testament to why government is essential to the average American. None of my accomplishments were given to me, but our government made them available to me, and many others.

A few weeks ago I gave this newspaper (The Walsh County Record) permission to write a story concerning government corruption. The charges are currently under investigation by the USDA’s OIG. The original target of the investigation is the NRCS. I do not know the status of the investigation, and do not have the “need to know.” The case is under investigation and has been broken down into two components. One is criminal and ethical violations and the other is retaliation against me for reporting violations of the public trust.

I did report the people in this circle for unethical practices, fraud, waste and mismanagement. I did not expect the level of retaliation I received from the NRCS Cavalier Field Office, and its Area I Office Staff. The harassment has been unrelenting, sustained and cruel.

I am currently not allowed on any USDA property. On Oct. 8, I was removed from the office by the Cavalier Police Department. I was told that I had a disease and was not allowed on the property. That’s the last thing I remember. I awoke in the Pembina County Memorial Hospital in Cavalier. From there I was transported to the cardiology department at Altru Hospital in Grand Forks. Being a former resident of the State of Florida I had no friends and very few social contacts in the area, who could come and get me. Needless to say I had to call someone to make the 165 mile round trip back to Cavalier to come and pick me up after being released by the hospital. No one from NRCS office bothered to call or offer assistance.

Currently, I am still employed by the NRCS, but am on administrative leave and not allowed to be near USDA terminals or USDA property.

This privileged group of federal employees in Cavalier and Area I, don’t want you to know what they do with our money. When they stand accused of misappropriating taxpayer money, they become bullies that hide behind the inertia of a 100,000 person bureaucracy. This behavior is not in keeping with the traditions of the USDA, and the United States of America. These people do not own, and were not elected to run this vital federal agency.

That’s Valvo’s story. This is what happens to government employees for exposing fraud, waste and mismanagement. These actions are supposed to be protected by the No-Fear Act signed into law by President Bush. The No Fear Act requires that Federal agencies be more accountable for violations of anti-discrimination and whistleblower protection laws.

Valvo went to lower and middle management to get redress of these issues before filing an OIG report.

Paul Sweeney, state conservationist out of Bismarck was recently asked about the investigation and confirmed the reports of an OIG probe, but refused to comment on the subject.

Valvo has Type II Diabetes and Hepatitis C, which he got from his former wife who is a primary caregiver. The reasons given to keep him out of the office by NRCS officials are that he is armed and dangerous, that the NRCS couldn’t provide “reasonable accommodation” for his diabetes and that he has a blood born illness.

“I have asked the proper chain of command for help. Nothing so far,” he said. “I have used my best communication skills and best deportment to bring administrative change to these issues. I met with relentless retaliation.”

What’s at the core of these issues with the NRCS is it doesn’t do anything to expedite the process of the construction that is often needed to implement conservation plans and does very little to see if the plans are actually carried out or verified. This is an important point because oftentimes agri-businesses firms are paid before actual verifications are performed.


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