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And as of May 29, 2011, I can assuredly say, nothing has changed.  This is but one more example of how managers in certain government offices say one thing and cover up their doing the reverse in private.  Employees in more than one agency, (not just DSS),  appear to be totally terrorized and allow these violations because they see certain people suffering horrific reprisal and being made an example to keep the less brave one’s in line, and they fear for their jobs and their families.  I wish I had better news.  Unfortunately, others in government, for instance elected officials, tend to listen to the corrupt managers and believe the lies, rather than talk to those who suffer the truth.  Is anyone listening out there?   Talk to those who are doing the work in the regional and local offices, don’t just telephone the top agency officials in their Washington DC offices.  It appears that sometimes even the transient Directors, who come and go, do not really know what is going on within their own agencies.   They are not told everything, or given an accurate  picture of the truth, by their immediate subordinates who have gained much power and influence over the years while directors came and went.  GFS

Some time ago, I posted information about complaints that DSS managers were forcing employees to work beyond their paid work hours with no additional pay.  DSS managers, including Richard Lawhorn, have denied the practice, and in fact have said that if they catch anyone working any unpaid overtime hours, they are in trouble. 

The reality is that with understaffed offices in many cases, and over-worked employees, the only way people can even hope to keep up with the paperwork is to work hours on nights and weekends that DSS managers refuse to pay for and don’t want to hear about.  DSS managers do however want employees to be sure they meet statistical demands, no matter how unreasonable they may be.  So, beating up employees for not getting all that additional work assigned completed as fast as managers demand it be done, (work beyond what is reasonable for a standard workday or workweek), leaves many of them in fear to work unreported and unpaid overtime hours…lots of them.  And those that succumb to this kind of heavy handed manipulation and fearfully do the unpaid Forced Overtime, make it even harder for those who try to hold the line and restrict their hard work to paid working hours.  Employees must think this over and talk with each other.  It is typical of management to try to divide and conquer, often by picking a victim to be made an example of, in order to terrorize the other employees into doing as directed, even if it is illegal and wrong.  Be advised.   

I heard that some employees who brought this up in a meeting when a visiting manager was conducting a meeting were punished severely, for bringing up the subject in public.  I hope there will be an investigation into all of this, not only the forcing of unpaid overtime hours, but the lying about doing it.  If the talking heads like manager, Richard Lawhorn,  tell you there is no Forced Overtime, do not believe it.  DSS field employees know better and are living the hell that comes with loss of evening and weekend personal and family time.  There is no honor in pressuring and threatening employees, and stealing their time.  Trying to pretend that you are not doing this is even more despicable, DSS management!


Here is an interesting pair of articles regarding DSS and their questionable judgment in spending no small amount of funds repeatedly on meetings, which require employees to travel over long distances, leave their work undone, and waste their time sitting in meetings listening to talking (and in some cases arguing) heads delivering messages that could just as easily have been sent out in an email or perhaps over teleconference, since no real discussion or questioning of said managers is ever allowed.   One would think that during these difficult economic times, where funds to even keep the government functioning, and people working are in short supply, DSS management would think twice about holding meetings that appear to be primarily about self-aggrandizement and further intimidation and harassment of employees and that do not add any appreciable value to the work efficiency and effectiveness of DSS employees who are already overworked and understaffed.  GFS

Wall Street Journal report:

Original POGO article:  DSS Director: Defense Security Service “Remiss” in “Fundamental Oversight Responsibilities”

Hello, all.  I apologize for being curiously missing for so long.  I had some family matters to deal with and ended up being back on the east coast for some time.  I’ve had all the snow I can take for this year.  Being back breathing the same air as the beltway bandits and their cronies has been quite informative.  I’ve had a chance to talk with numerous people with interesting information and perspectives.  I shall be working to catch up my blogs.  Thank you to those of you who’ve written wondering if I was well and still intending to continue blog support of whistleblowers and track stories of fraud, waste, abuse and other corruption, and wondering what was going on with the whistleblowers and situations that I’d left hanging. 

I have not given up my advocacy of those who make the choiceless choice.  I have been continuing to dig into a number of situations and issues.  I will be posting soon some links to some articles about yet another pod of problems within Defense Security Service (DSS).  From what I’ve learned during my absence, it appears it never will improve, until someone has the sense to pull the plug on those running this troubled agency.  More on that later.

In the mean time, I hope some of you are making progress and are prevailing in your struggle for justice, and a clean up of our government.  As always, I am pleased for you to comment or email if you have information or situations to talk about or share.  There are a lot of monumental things going on.  And in some cases, due to the many investigations, there are some people in positions of power and in some cases authority with a lot to hide who are struggling to keep some unethical and criminal behavior in the dark. 

My best advice for now is ….