Hello, all.  I apologize for being curiously missing for so long.  I had some family matters to deal with and ended up being back on the east coast for some time.  I’ve had all the snow I can take for this year.  Being back breathing the same air as the beltway bandits and their cronies has been quite informative.  I’ve had a chance to talk with numerous people with interesting information and perspectives.  I shall be working to catch up my blogs.  Thank you to those of you who’ve written wondering if I was well and still intending to continue blog support of whistleblowers and track stories of fraud, waste, abuse and other corruption, and wondering what was going on with the whistleblowers and situations that I’d left hanging. 

I have not given up my advocacy of those who make the choiceless choice.  I have been continuing to dig into a number of situations and issues.  I will be posting soon some links to some articles about yet another pod of problems within Defense Security Service (DSS).  From what I’ve learned during my absence, it appears it never will improve, until someone has the sense to pull the plug on those running this troubled agency.  More on that later.

In the mean time, I hope some of you are making progress and are prevailing in your struggle for justice, and a clean up of our government.  As always, I am pleased for you to comment or email if you have information or situations to talk about or share.  There are a lot of monumental things going on.  And in some cases, due to the many investigations, there are some people in positions of power and in some cases authority with a lot to hide who are struggling to keep some unethical and criminal behavior in the dark. 

My best advice for now is ….