Here is an interesting pair of articles regarding DSS and their questionable judgment in spending no small amount of funds repeatedly on meetings, which require employees to travel over long distances, leave their work undone, and waste their time sitting in meetings listening to talking (and in some cases arguing) heads delivering messages that could just as easily have been sent out in an email or perhaps over teleconference, since no real discussion or questioning of said managers is ever allowed.   One would think that during these difficult economic times, where funds to even keep the government functioning, and people working are in short supply, DSS management would think twice about holding meetings that appear to be primarily about self-aggrandizement and further intimidation and harassment of employees and that do not add any appreciable value to the work efficiency and effectiveness of DSS employees who are already overworked and understaffed.  GFS

Wall Street Journal report:

Original POGO article:  DSS Director: Defense Security Service “Remiss” in “Fundamental Oversight Responsibilities”