Think this over.  I just finished a book by an FBI Whistleblower.  I will be reviewing and commenting on this in the near future.  It strikes me how amazingly there are such close parallels between what was going on in the FBI (and still may be) and what has been going on in DSS, DCMA, and other agencies.  I will be putting together information I have about some of this soon.  I would really like to know how all of you see it.  I will provide the title, author, ISBN # and so forth for any of you who wish to read the FBI Whistleblower’s account, and I would like for those of you with similar experiences to comment and/or email me with your accounts or comments.  Thank you.

Which came first, the destruction of the Supreme Court’s ability to uphold the Constitution or the appointing of totally politicized and partisanly prejudiced executive branch appointed agency directors?  Think of all of that as wallpaper to what all is going on now.  Shudder.