From: National Whistleblowers Center []

Sent: Wednesday, June 01, 2011 8:59 AM


Subject: Victory for National Security Whistleblowers




Dear Friend,

I am writing with some great news. The Senate Intelligence Committee’s pension stripping provision was not approved by Congress! This is a tremendous victory.


Thank you for your emails and phone calls on this very important issue. We all know how dangerous it would have been to give the heads of the intelligence agencies the power to summarily revoke a whistleblower’s pension if they were simply accused, not convicted, of leaking information. As a result of the thousands of messages that poured in from across the county, that has not happened.


On behalf of all the whistleblowers that the NWC helps and for the numerous current and former FBI agents I know personally, thank you.




Jane Turner

Former FBI Special Agent, 25-Year Veteran

Member of NWC’s Board of Directors and Director of NWC’s FBI Oversight Program