Here is the website for the IAW.  All Whistleblowers, those who were whistleblowers, or those who may become whistleblowers are enthusiastically invited to join. 

Our website explains what we, the IAW, are about:

Opening day of the conference is Sunday, September 18, 2011.

  The IAW Caucus will be conducting activities at the DC Public

 Library – Martin Luther King Jr. Branch, Room A-5, 901 G

 Street, NW, Washington DC 20001

Some of the activities will include a welcome by co-chairs Mike McCray Esq. And James Murtaugh, MD.

This will be followed by:

–         The Atlanta Whistleblower plenary panel, “Have Georgia Judges Gone Wild?”

–         Tapping the Power of the Media:  “How can we use the power of story, and new internet media, to promote social justice?”

–         Whistleblower support fund – plenary panel, “How can we save priceless documents from the legendary cases of whistleblowers like Ernie Fitzgerald?”

–         “Empty Chair” ceremony honoring whistleblowers who cannot be present due to retaliatory imprisonment  or untimely death.  Statements will be read on behalf of:

o       Martin Salazar, former Dept. of energy employee

o       Bradley Birkenfeld, former UBS banker

o       Mordechai Vanunu, former Israeli nuclear technician

o       Karen Silkwood, Kerr-McGee technician, deceased

–         Waste of Funding within Federal Government Procurement Panel

–         Medical Whistleblower plenary panel, “Can the Patient Quality Care Project Bring Integrity Back to Medicine?” This will include VA whistleblower panelists as well as medical doctors.

For those of you interested in joining the IAW, work sessions will take up the rest of the afternoon on matters concerning planning, charting IAW’s organizational directions, viewing of whistleblower authored books, and continued videotaping of whistleblower story videos for publication on U-Tube.  You will meet a lot of dynamic, creative, and determined people.  It will be well worth your time and effort to get here.

All of this will be concluded with an informal participant dinner at the Dubliner at the Phoenix Park Hotel. 

The rest of the week will continue with events and presentations by various whistleblowers, whistleblower organizations and others.  This will be an exciting and informative week where you will learn a lot and make all kinds of good contacts and build up your supportive networks.