G. Florence Scott’s blogs are about, for and of interest to whistleblowers and those who are interested in their issues and support them.  GFS became interested in the plight and challenges of whistleblowers due to family and friends experiences within government and in industry in this time of extreme corruption and disorganization.    Her blogs provide a source for a variety of types of information and moral support!  She hopes that by encouraging others to stand up and do what’s right, and supporting those who already are doing so, she will be facilitating the success of the clean-up effort!

You may reach GFS at GFS2011@yahoo.com.  No spam please.  Someone asked if guest writers could submit articles.  The answer is yes.  I encourage others to participate, comment, send material.  (Often whistleblowers lurk on sites like this, as they are afraid to speak up publicly.)  I only ask that it is accurate and truthful.  No offensive language, or material which will result in a lawsuit.  You know what I mean and where the line is.  Yes?  The blog owner, me, will be the final decision maker about inclusion of material submitted. Your material may be included with your byline or not; your choice.  I can tell you that the readership and number of hits and links grows each month.  Thanks for asking!