Here is another one someone sent me this evening.  I hear from many who are quite jaded about the integrity of defense contractors lately.   I suppose understanding what “capturing the best of industry” means, requires taking into account other stories posted here from the news media.  It appears to me that means they will team up to squelch competition and their competitors, and they will continue to buy up small companies, any that have a product or process that is new, original, and works, so the big two can continue to control the industry and reap the big bucks for any contracts that are awarded.  I believe they see themselves as middle-man contract administrators.



G. Florence-

Capture the best of industry… legally?


Boeing’s And Lockheed’s Bomber For 2018


August 24th, 2008 Posted in Technology

 2018 Bomber


The Boeing Company and Lockheed Martin have teamed to perform studies and system development efforts including collaborative research and development in pursuit of the anticipated U.S. Air Force 2018 Bomber program.


This collaborative effort for a long-range strike program (Possibly the B-3) will include work in advanced sensors and future electronic warfare solutions including advancements in network enabled battle management, command and control, and virtual warfare simulation and experimentation.


Boeing and Lockheed Martin are working closely at all levels to capture the best of industry to develop and provide an effective and affordable solution for the warfighter. The work performed by the Boeing/Lockheed Martin team is designed to help the Air Force establish capability-based roadmaps for technology maturation and date certain timelines for the 2018 Bomber program.