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Court Dismisses All Charges Against Boeing Whistleblower, Gerald Eastman


King County Court dismissed all charges against Boeing whistleblower,
Gerald Eastman last week. That was the good news. Boeing defied the
court ordered end of the deferred prosecution agreement, and continued
to demand another interview after the drop-dead date of Mr. Eastman’s
agreement he signed after the mistrial. Boeing demanded this interview
be held about a week after the ending date of the agreement, and also
ignored the court ordered return of copies Boeing had made of Mr.
Eastman’s personal hard drives. For more information about all of
this, visit Mr. Eastman’s site:
http://www.thelastinspector. com


Wednesday, February 4, 2009, 10:46 AM

 by Gerald Eastman 


An appearance of bias is almost as damning as “smoking gun” proof of such bias, especially for those in public office and on the King County Superior Court bench.

As noted in prior blogs, much more than the appearance of bias is at work in Dan Satterberg’s King County Prosecutor’s Office, in that he has sold all rights to the management of certain cases like mine that have great value to thusly sell to the highest dollar campaign contributors with the most dirty hands (in my case, Boeing and Boeing’s outside law firm, Perkins Coie, were the purchasers of said rights).

But, even to the jaded (like me) to news of new avenues of corruption in our government and industry, it never ceases to amaze me every time I see such brazen corruption first hand, as I did in just the latest miscarriage of justice in my case that happened one week ago, on Tuesday, the 27th of January.


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Deal with the Devil?


Posted by The Last Inspector, Gerald Eastman

Monday, July 14, 2008,



As most of you probably know, late last week I entered into an agreement with the King County Prosecutor’s office. If I cooperate per the agreement, the reduced charges listed in the agreement will be dismissed in January. Here are the links to the Seattle Times and Seattle Post-Intelligencer articles on the agreement:

http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/l … n11m0.html
http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/business/ … man11.html

I especially liked the Seattle Times article. The headline acknowledged my status as a whistleblower, and they went through the step (unknown to me until the article broke) of getting some 340 emails between Boeing and the King County Prosecutor’s office that showed just how badly Boeing wanted to make an example of me by an all-out effort to ensure my conviction.

If the reporting is correct, King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg and others in the office came to their senses and resisted Boeing’s extreme pressure to retry me so they would get another shot at shooting the messenger of their own fraudulent activities (me).

However, inexplicably, Senior Deputy Prosecutor Scott Peterson defied his superior’s wants and pressed for a 2nd trial if I did not accept the continuance for dismissal which my attorney and I originally wrote and offered to the prosecutor’s office, but was rewritten by Peterson and/or Boeing to the point where I did not want to accept it.

Perhaps later the reason Mr. Peterson defied his bosses and pursued a 2nd trial will become known in time. At this point I can think of only two possibilities (or some combination of both). Firstly, he was miffed that I exposed his own escape (with the help of friendly non-investigators that deferred to his position and power) from class B felony charges (a more serious felony than I was accused of) for his ramming a woman several times with his car because she was standing in a public parking spot he wanted, even over her dead body. And/or, the second reason, which would be that Boeing either pressured or “incentivized” him into defying his bosses and having him continue to move toward a 2nd trial of me.

So, this may be simply the effort to entrap me and do away with my jury trial rights that I noted in my previous blog, but I accepted it on the off chance it wasn’t. Apparently compromised U.S. Attorney Carl Blackstone’s threat of federal charges against me if I did not accept the badly rewritten agreement being nullified by a letter from him stating they would not try me if I took the agreement made the decision to sign it more compelling, although both Peterson and Blackstone quite well may have been bluffing about trying me again.

Blackstone is no stranger to withholding evidence required to be disclosed from defendants, just like Mr. Peterson. He withheld evidence from a defendant in a federal trial, and was admonished for it by a federal judge. Even though an appeals court reversed the monetary damages for his misconduct, the misconduct charge by the judge was not reversed. Federal prosecutors apparently have immunity if they engage in such misconduct as Mr. Blackstone was found to have engaged in. It defies common sense, but there is much in our federal and state justice systems that are anything but fair or balanced:

http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/archives/ … 120076.asp

I will continue my whistleblowing undeterred, just as I have done so despite Boeing’s and the prosecutor’s transparent attempts to interfere with such and discredit me.

The agreement does have an exemption to allow my whistleblowing on the Boeing frauds I witnessed and uncovered to continue, whereas, before the exemption, the agreement could be construed to silence such whistleblowing.

Most predictably, both Marc Boman of Perkins Coie and U.S. Attorney Carl Blackstone now deny the way events actually happened–they deny Boman used his friendship with Blackstone to have him threaten me with federal charges. This proves, I believe, that Boman’s and Blackstone’s such actions were unethical if not illegal. Why would they deny facts gained from unimpeachable sources otherwise? Their denial does indicate one thing, however–that their lack of ethics as noted in my last blog is the real deal, as people in their line of work (with the possible exception of Boman’s) are not supposed to prevaricate thusly.

This may indeed be a figurative “deal with the devil,” but I thought it was in my best interest even when considering the lack of integrity of the parties on the other side behind it. Neither the prosecutor or Boeing management are the devil, however, I hope you get my point. I call it so after a cartoon I saw long ago, with a guy sitting in a chair in front of a corporation CEO’s desk. Behind the desk was seated the devil himself. And the devil/CEO in the cartoon said to the man who had just met him for the first time and was sitting agog in front of him, “who did you think was running this company?”


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The Last Inspector, Gerald Eastman speaks of his experiences as a Boeing Whistleblower, discusses why others have not also done the same and challenges those who should be whistleblowers to blow that whistle.  (www.thelastinspector.com)

Why are Boeing Employees Cowardly?
Thursday, June 5, 2008, 05:40 AM
Posted by Administrator
I recently wondered why such a person as me was thrust into this position–Why was I the only one “brave” enough at Boeing to turn the massive fraud accros the Boeing enterprise in Quality Assurance Management into the FAA?

Why?–I was by no means the best person for that job. Someone that had more drive to act with the requisite urgency in order to save the lives that are obviously placed in jeopardy by Boeing’s systemic frauds against the public and taxpayer would have been much better than me.

Someone not so trusting and naive who could have therefor plotted a better course through the corruption in the overisght agencies whose only job is to stop companies like Boeing from committing this RICO-like “working togther with similarly corrupt agencies” fraud would have been much better in the scheme of things.

Someone who was more photogenic and perhaps actually enjoyed being on the news rather than cringing at the thought would perhaps had been better than me–certainly someone who had less resemblance than I do to the character “Hurley” on the TV show “Lost” would have been a better spokesman for the public and miltary personnel that Boeing and the FAA were placing at greater risks for more personal financial gain than they would have gotten otherwise.

I had heard many employees over the years say that they were thinking about going to the FAA, just as I ultimately also believed I had to do for the safety of those on Boeing airplanes.

They saw the same fraud as I did–the corrupt QA managers at Boeing who worked every day to destroy the Boeing quality system as opposed to what their true jobs were supposed to be. They were corrupt QA managers that were statutorily supposed to be firewalled off from the corrupting influences of other company departments who worshipped at the altar of Cost and Schedule only–Quality and Safety be damned.

However, the almost wholly corrupt QA management at Boeing saw that the corruption in other Boeing management made it a much better career decision for them to grovel even lower than Manufacturing and Engineering management did and “worship” solely the same two “gods”–Cost and Schedule–that other Boeing managers did, even though they knew their true regulatorily required jobs were to protect Quality and Safety only, and to protect those two critical items for the sake of public and military lives at all costs, as the much less corrupt FAA of old had seen that such groveling of Quality personnel before other company production departments ultimately led to deadly crashes.

Still, knowing the criticality of their uniquely important jobs being independent of other departments that historically tried to save money by ignoring every requirement possible–even obviously critical quality and safety ensuring processes, corrupt QA management at Boeing did as directed and surrendered their required independence from historically non-quality and non-safety driven departments in totality.

They actually defiled their jobs by taking orders from, and carrying out the solely Cost and Schedule driven goals of Manufacturing as their own goals.

In so doing, they became the same shills they ensured the inspectors who reported to them were or were made to become–merely pretending to do their jobs for a week every two years around FAA ACSEP audit time (and, as one of my corrupt QA supervisors told us, “the FAA ASIs don’t look very deep, so no one had to even do a good job of pretending to do their jobs to pass such ACSEP audits easily), with the rest of their time spent taking orders from Manufacturing managers of their same level who they were supposed to independently ensure the quality, safety, and reliability requirements of their department’s work. Illegal, but surely a conflict of interest, to say the least.

Instead, they became enablers of both Manufacturing and QA fraud across the enterprise. After all, per their sick way of thinking, ensuring Boeing aircraft had the required minimum levels of quality, safety, and reliability was totally “non-value added” to Boeing’s bottom line–So what if massive amounts of defects the customers might never notice were delivered with each Boeing airplane to their mostly unsuspecting customers? Defrauding the passengers, crew, and our military personnel out of their safety was a no brainer to these types of criminals.

Even if a crash occured because of their intentional fraud, not even the most expert CSI or NTSB peronnel in the world could make sense of the cause of the crash because the resulting small pieces of people and debris that resulted automatically would cover up the crime. Boeing could then put their “value-added” P.R. machine into action and immediately start blaming the dead pilots of the doomed aircraft as occurred in the two 737 rudder hardover accidents that killed all on board. It was with great reluctance that Boeing gave up blaming the dead pilots and admitted that it might have been the rudder hydraulic actuator system at fault in those tragic crashes.

Such is the way the fraudulent QMS system intentionally doesn’t work at Boeing. They have brainwashed themselves and some of the lesser minded in the public that anything required by law they don’t do behind the closed doors of BCA factories that doesn’t result in airplanes or pieces of airplanes constantly falling from the sky like rain onto the public means the FAA-approved Quality System they are required by law to follw is truly “non-value added,” and they are therefore right to ignore it and simply go through the motions of pretending to comply with it–Never mind that no airplane can be delivered by a company until they have a quality system that supposedly complies with the FAA approved quality system and they are granted a Production Certificate by the FAA.

Of cousre, with the FAA manangement overlooking this fraud ongoing on Boeing production lines being several orders of magnitude more corrupt that the FAA management fingered in the fraud exposed between Southwest Airlines and the FAA, it is no wonder Boeing’s Production Certificate has no more value than any generic sheet of paper used to construct an airplane for a paper airplane contest.

The corrupt FAA management still in place in the Transport Airplane Directorate–which Nick Sabatini at FAA Headquarters protects by looking the other way from all of the still ongoing fraud within that part of the agency–has yet to be “Stuckeyed,” or brought to justice for intentionally placing the lives of the public and military at much greater risk by acceding to overlooking the fraud of what they consider as their only real customer–corrupt Boeing management, who in many cases are their dreamed for future employer for services they rendered over the years unto those corrupt managers at Boeing before their FAA retirements after a short twenty year stints at the agency, whereafter they can get hired by Boeing or one of numerous industry associations Boeing is the main contributor to at multiples of the salary and benefits then didn’t earn while at the FAA.
Hopefully the fraud still ongoing between Boeing and FAA management placing the public and military at risk will receive the same or more attention soon that the Southwest Airlines/FAA debacle did both in the press and in Congress.

I know that people involved in this fraud do want to come forward to the appropriate authorities and report the fraud of their management. However, thinly veiled retaliation like Boeing and the officials they ensured were elected committed against me has given them pause, which is the real reason I am being attacked so overzealously for something other employees at Boeing were only given a few days off for.

They also are afraid of retaliation like the two Southwest Airlines FAA whistleblowers experienced, and are looking to see if they are retaliated against again for going before Congress and doing the right thing. Hopefully those whistleblowers will escape further retaliation because they went before Congress and that will encourage those who want to come forward and tell what they know about the ongoing fraudulent relationship between Boeing and the FAA to do so.

Yes, Boeing and FAA employees are cowardly, especially after what they’ve seen happen to me and other coworkers who even thought about coming forward or made the severe mistake of contacting the “ethics” department at Boeing about such fraud they witnessed and therefore just stuck a target on their forhead just as I unwittingly did.

But who could blame them? They have families and mortgages. The good pay at Boeing serves as a deterrent to those who want to come forward because they know their job and the pay and benefits they worked so long and hard for will be in jeopardy if they do so.

I had no illusions when I decided to be the first one to ever go to the FAA about the corrupt Boeing QA management I witnessed over the years. I knew at that point my job was most likely history. And that was years before my “infamous” collection of information for my report on Boeing and FAA management fraud for the DOT OIG. I never feared for my life, but my job was another manner. That was the way the the corrupt “Boeing mafia” would try to terminate me, no matter under what manufactured pretenses or however much time or resources they had to expend to ensure my termination and even imprisonment to make me the poster child of what happens to a whistleblower at Boeing that dares expose their RICO-like relationship with FAA management.

I did decide to do the right thing and come forward years before today when Congress looking the other way on this fraud that has been reported to them in the past finally starting to pay attention to the criminal collusion between FAA management and industry management via hearing in Congress and related FBI investigations. Today is the time when those who have kept silent about all of the fraud around them should come forward at long last. We certainly do not wnat to wait to act until we have to dodge parts of planes and body parts when we go outside which is the level at which so many corrupted people think is the only point at which this kind of fraud could be considered a problem.

Although I was a pioneer in the field of whistleblowing on the fraudulent realtionships between industry and FAA management, I by no means want to be the only one to ever have enough courage to come forward. Indeed, in today’s climate, many of the dangers I experienced do not exist. After participating in a Southwest airlines/FAA style hearing before Congress, even Boeing is not arrogant enough to screw with you like they screwed with me years before my arrest as retaliation for my going to the FAA and also actually inspecting the jet engines, engine pylons, wing stub to body join, body structures, flight control systems, jet fuel samples, hydraulic fluid samples, etc., that I was assigned to only pretend to inspect over the years.

Yes, there are ample “close to home” reasons to be cowardly and not come forward as you know you should do. The Southwest Airlines FAA ASIs and I have broken the ground for you. There is, however, only one reason to come forward and tell what you know about FAA/Boeing management fraud to Congress and/or the FBI–because you know deep down it is the right thing to do. The public and our military have the right to not have their lives placed intentionally at much greater risk by the fraud both you and I have witnessed over the years.

If you are like past conciencious Boeing employees, you may have kept a journal of incidents and fraudulent actions your management has told you to do or have done themselves to protect yourself in case that particular plane crashed because of that fraud. If you do decide to come forward, such data would be useful to the authorities, I’m sure.

It is long past time for the corrupt management of Boeing and the FAA to committ their daily frauds and go home to soundly sleep and dream of the rewards they hope they’ll reap one day for their frauds that may reap many lives. It is time for them to start to toss and turn at night. They won’t do so because they intentionally placed the public and our military in danger for some imagined benefit to them and the company’s bottom line. They are pathologically incapable of enough compassion to even start to care about the effect of their crimes. However, being the purely selfish creatures they are, they will toss and turn once you and others come forward and they are ultimately “Stuckeyed” to a prison bed for their golden years.

The time of cowardice has ended. There is no better time to be brave and stand up against the criminal management you work for that has made both Boeing quality assurance and Boeing’s Production Certificate a farce.


The Last Inspector


This was sent to Mr. Eastman as a guest editorial to his www.thelastinspector.com site.  It is a response to the posting of the story about the difficulties King County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Scott Peterson got himself into somewhat recently.  This is the same King County Prosecutor who under direction of The Boeing Company, went after Boeing Whistleblower, Gerald Eastman, and helped convince the Judge on the case to disregard Mr. Eastman’s whistleblower status, whistleblowing activities, and whistleblower law in the case.  I found this writer’s perspective interesting and with Mr. Eastman’s permission, offer it to you…


From http://www.thelastinspector.com


Something New on This Blog–A Guest Editorial (Anonymously Contributed) 

Thursday, May 15, 2008, 01:17 AM
Posted by Administrator

Assault With Car on Woman Standing in a Parking Space, by Scott
Peterson, the same King County Prosecutor Who is Trying to Railroad Boeing Whistle-blower, Gerald Eastman, into Jail

The assault with his car on an innocent and vulnerable woman, by King County Senior Deputy Prosecutor Scott Peterson, was recently covered on Mr. Eastman’s blog. The 2004 presentation by KIRO News TV documented the fact that Peterson took possession of her parking space by intentionally driving his car into the woman who was standing in reserve of it, thus injuring her to the degree that she had to be taken to a hospital. This felony assault, using a deadly weapon, was witnessed by several persons. The woman, Danatte Griffin, was standing in the parking space to save it for someone about to arrive, an accepted custom in a city where there is often a shortage of parking spaces.

The person she was saving the parking space for arrived in time to insert himself in this confrontation in some manner, reportedly striking Peterson. Whether this was to help stop the assault, and/or because she was his girlfriend and the assaulter had injured her, is not clear. Whatever the reason, King County prosecuted this woman’s protector, but was unwilling to do the same to their insider who assaulted her. Thus, Peterson has so far gotten away with not only committing a defacto felony assault using a deadly weapon, but also subsequently helping to arrange legal retribution against the person who struck him because he was in the process of, or had already, assaulted the victim.

This ill-considered assault with his auto, by the same person who has been trying to tar and feather (words used in the KIRO TV presentation about this assault) a Boeing whistle-blower, is an almost unbelievable happening. It is so unusual and absurd that it will likely become a classic case of crazed behavior by a prominent official and subsequent attempts to downplay and cover it up. In the end it will probably not be Gerald Eastman who is tarred and feathered, even if a corrupt conviction is achieved. Actually, subjecting him to another trial may be the most counterproductive action they could take to enhance their own interests. Why? Because the people of our country are increasingly realizing that a great deal of corruption exists in the various agencies and companies in our current culture, leading to a popular onus to do what is necessary to clean house.

For example, the two FAA whistle-blowers who testified in the recent Congressional Hearings on FAA corruption, are generally viewed as brave and truthful advocates of integrity. The opposite is the status of the miscreants they outed, and the same fate has befallen certain former industry leaders, some of whom served time in prison. As a Boeing whistle-blower, Gerald Eastman is also brave and correct in his allegations, as will likely eventually be proven.

Persecuting Eastman is only resulting in helping the truth came out sooner. The
obfuscations of those trying to maintain the charades are bound to eventually fail, because the results of their actions will, in time, manifest. Thus, the attempts of such people to discredit Eastman’s safety neglect claims, while at the same time using him as an example to warn other employees that the same thing can happen to them if they disclose malfeasance to the media, are bound to fail, so long as good people do not fail to oppose their corrupt strategies.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Arrogantly perceiving himself to be above the law, Peterson decided to take from this woman what he felt entitled to, rather than taking the trouble to look for another parking space, because she had defacto taken the space she was standing on. Any normal person would have reacted this way even if they were a bit miffed. But Peterson did not react in a normal way, but rather he acted like a crazed narcissist in his decision to assault her with his auto, not realizing how many persons were watching his actions.

Later, he tried to justify his aberrant behavior as “having a bad day–I owe her an apology.” This is the kind of reaction a typical sociopath would have, downplaying or even denying his own guilt. In reality he had made her day terrible, considering that she ended up in a hospital, for which she has probably had to pay the bills.

Further, Peterson was no doubt already planning to wreak vengeance on the person who intervened against him, on his victim’s behalf by arranging for one of his associates to prosecute the protector. As a result, since he was the boyfriend of Peterson’s victim, he was also rendering additional grief to her. But, with any narcissist, it’s all about him–no one else matters. And, regarding the people in his organization who allowed all this–what a classic case of a justice system run amok.

Peterson has clearly demonstrated, by his deliberate commission of felony assault with a deadly weapon, as well as his relentless pursuit of his victim’s protector and of Gerald Eastman (on Boeing’s behalf), that he does not have the necessary character to practice with integrity the high position of Senior Deputy Prosecutor within in the King County justice system. But, the acceptance of him as a peer, shows that others in this system may have similar twisted ethical standards. Thus, this system is apparently corrupt, and Peterson is probably the exact type of person they want in this position. Otherwise, they would be rendering to him at least the same level of punishment that anyone outside the King County justice system would receive for such a felony, would not have gone after his victim’s boyfriend, and would not be trying to put Gerald Eastman into jail.

Since he is an insider in this system, Peterson’s culpability is even more serious than that of a less knowledgeable outsider. But, King County, as well as the two major Seattle newspapers who did not and have not published any information on this still newsworthy story, are apparently working in collusion with each other in giving a pass to Peterson, thus helping him to continue hounding Eastman. Don’t they realize that he has already survived a mistrial because at least two of the jurors
realized that he’ is a valid Boeing whistle-blower?

If there is a next go-around, given all that has transpired, at least some in the jury are likely to be sympathetic with Gerald Eastman’s efforts to protect the public by exposing truths about safety neglect. Regardless of how the proceedings are constrained to try to prevent this, they will simply see through all the fog and realize that Eastman is being criminally prosecuted in an evil proceeding that is not about the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Rather, it is about railroading to jail a good man who is trying to fight an agenda which is opposed to the best interests of the general public.

At least KIRO TV seemed to have some disdain for the actions of Scott Peterson, judging by their TV presentation at the link below. KIRO TV is to be commended for its well composed disclosure of this incident. I have talked to them and they said that they are looking further into this matter. I think that this is just the opening gun in what will turn out to be a major exposure of widespread corruption.

As the Project On Government Oversight (POGO) recently stated: “The charges against Eastman are a message to all potential whistle-blowers at Boeing” said Nick Schwellenbach, an investigator at POGO. “The message is clear: We’ll try to send you to jail if you disclose information to the press.” From this it is obvious that many persons who have leverage are on to the fact that the King County justice system is biased towards acting on behalf of Boeing by helping them deliver on this threat, even to the level of persecuting a brave whistle-blower who has told the truth about safety neglect that must not be ignored.

In being complicit in such retribution against whistle-blowers, the King County justice system is also possibly assisting the violation of the First Amendment right of free speech. Lawyers have told POGO that even though a whistle-blower can often be legally terminated, it is considered extreme for a government prosecutor to attempt to jail a whistle-blower for his activities and that the Eastman case is part of a disturbing trend of whistle-blowers increasingly facing criminal prosecution. Thus, it appears that the Eastman trial was a seminal event in the inevitable overcoming of the corruption that he has been talking about. Since many involved in governmental oversight are already looking into this issue, surfacing Gerald Eastman’s callous treatment will only help reveal and address the many facets of covered-up safety and programmatic neglect.

The link:






April 28, 2008


Criminal Charges Against Boeing Whistleblower Set Dangerous Precedent: Jurors Disagreed on Earlier Charges Resulting in a Mistrial


For Immediate Release

Contact: Nick Schwellenbach (202) 347-1122


This weekend POGO learned that former Boeing quality assurance inspector Gerald Eastman is facing a second round of criminal charges for his whistle-blowing to the press.  King County prosecutors will announce a new trial date on April 30th, 2008 according to an email from Senior Deputy Prosecutor Scott Peterson to Eastman’s public defender, Ramona Brandes.


“The charges against Eastman are a message to all potential whistle-blowers at Boeing,” said Nick Schwellenbach, an investigator at POGO.  “The message from Boeing is clear: We’ll try to send you to jail if you disclose information to the press.”


Eastman was discovered accessing and downloading internal Boeing information, some of which he shared with reporters at the Seattle Times and Seattle Post-Intelligencer.  Eastman’s disclosures to the press mostly concerned quality assurance and inspection problems he perceived while working at Boeing, though many of the articles he sparked related to increasing outsourcing of Boeing’s production.


After conferring with Boeing, the King County prosecutor’s office last month pursued criminal charges against Eastman for “computer trespass,” a charge normally used against hackers, not whistle-blowers.  The first trial resulted in a hung jury because some of the jurors believed Eastman’s activities were whistle-blowing and should not result in criminal prosecution.  The judge in that case told jurors not to consider whistle-blower laws.


Several lawyers have told POGO that the Eastman case is part of a disturbing trend of whistle-blowers increasingly facing criminal prosecution.  The First Amendment right of free speech is a typical and powerful defense in these cases.  Although a company can often legally terminate an employee, it considered extreme for a government prosecutor to attempt to jail a whistle-blower for his activities.


Founded in 1981, the Project On Government Oversight (POGO) is an independent nonprofit that investigates and exposes corruption in order to achieve a more accountable federal government.