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The book I mentioned in another post is While America Sleeps:  An FBI Whistleblower’s Story, by John M. Cole. 

John Cole speaks of his observations and experiences working for the FBI in the counterintelligence and counterterrorism arena, where he worked as a Counterintelligence program manager and other positions while employed nineteen years by the FBI.  His story intersects with other noted whistleblowers such as Sibel Edmunds. 

I am quite struck with the similarities of what Cole describes occurring in the FBI to what has been going on in other government agencies as well.  It is disturbingly parallel.  I will be discussing some of his observations and how they are parallel with other agencies on this blog site.  I will add to this post over the next couple of weeks.  Please keep checking in.  You may sign up to receive updates by email on my blog. 

For those of you who would like to purchase the book, you may find it on Amazon.com. 

While America Sleeps:  An FBI Whistleblower’s Story, by John M. Cole.

ISBN:  978-1-60749-747-9


Publisher’s web address:  www.publishamerica.com, Baltimore MD

Printed in the United States of America. 2009

Think this over.  I just finished a book by an FBI Whistleblower.  I will be reviewing and commenting on this in the near future.  It strikes me how amazingly there are such close parallels between what was going on in the FBI (and still may be) and what has been going on in DSS, DCMA, and other agencies.  I will be putting together information I have about some of this soon.  I would really like to know how all of you see it.  I will provide the title, author, ISBN # and so forth for any of you who wish to read the FBI Whistleblower’s account, and I would like for those of you with similar experiences to comment and/or email me with your accounts or comments.  Thank you.

Which came first, the destruction of the Supreme Court’s ability to uphold the Constitution or the appointing of totally politicized and partisanly prejudiced executive branch appointed agency directors?  Think of all of that as wallpaper to what all is going on now.  Shudder. 


National Whistleblowers Center

3238 P Street NW

Washington, D.C. 20007



Lindsey M. Williams (202) 342-1903



FBI Whistleblower Bassem Youssef Instrumental in Exposing Constitutional Violations That Threaten Our National Security

Washington, DC. January 19, 2010. In response to the front-page article appearing today in the Washington Post, the following statements were released by Stephen M. Kohn, attorney for Mr. Bassem Youssef (Chief of the FBI’s Communications Analysis Unit/Counterterrorism Division) and National Whistleblowers Center Executive Director:

“Since 2005, when he first learned of the abuses reported in today’s Washington Post, Mr. Youssef has attempted to ensure that the FBI complied with the law.  Between 2006-08 he provided extensive testimony before the DOJ Office of Inspector General.  In 2008 and 2009, his counsel provided three detailed letters to the Attorney General of the United States setting forth details on the misconduct committed within the FBI and urging that effective corrective actions be taken.”

“The issues raised by Mr. Youssef and the ongoing investigations concern not only the protection of fundamental civil liberties and Constitutional rights, but also the security of the United States.  ‘Over-collecting’ information on innocent Americans does not make the United States safe from terrorist attacks.  Abusive search tactics unrelated to real terrorist threats significantly interferes with our nation’s security and it undermines properly targeted investigations essential for protecting the American people.”

“Today we are urging every American to TAKE ACTION to protect Mr. Youssef and all other national security whistleblower from retaliation.  We are asking Congress to enact strong legislation (H.R. 1507) protecting whistleblowers in the FBI and other national security agencies.”

 Mr. Bassem Youssef is the highest-ranking fluent Arabic speaking agent in the FBI.  In 1995 he was awarded the Director of Central Intelligence Award for his key role in one of America’s most successful Middle East related counterterrorism operations.  In 1996 he was appointed by then-FBI Director Louis Freeh to serve as the first Legal Attaché for the FBI in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.   He is credited with establishing unprecedented access and cooperation between the FBI its Saudi counterparts.  After the 9/11 attacks Mr. Youssef alleged that he was discriminated against based on his Egyptian heritage. For more information on Mr. Youssef’s background please click here.

Mr. Youseff’s attorney Stephen M. Kohn is available for comment at 202-342-1903 or lmw@whistleblowers.org.

Breaking News: FBI Whistleblower Instrumental in Exposing Constitutional ViolationsTake Action!

In today’s Washington Post, we learned that for years the FBI engaged in systemic, constitutional violations of our civil liberties. After 9/11, FBI officials went outside the law and obtained the phone records of many Americans with no connection to terrorism. This over-collection of data harms our nation’s security and undermines properly targeted terrorism investigations. We know that FBI whistleblower Bassem Youssef was instrumental in exposing and stopping this illegal FBI domestic surveillance program. He should be protected, not punished, for doing the right thing.

TAKE ACTION! Demand Congress protect all intelligence agency whistleblowers!

It is imperative that you contact your senators and congressmen and tell them to support the passage of H.R. 1507, which would protect all intelligence agency whistleblowers. The version currently pending in the Senate would allow FBI director Mueller and other intelligence agency directors, to terminate Mr. Youssef, or any other whistleblower, without judicial review.

TAKE ACTION! Tell your representatives to support H.R. 1507!

Who will have the courage to stand up to civil right abuses like this if they know there will be no judicial remedy if they suffer retaliation?

TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress retaliation against national security whistleblowers is unacceptable!

Mr. Youssef, the highest-ranking fluent Arabic speaking FBI agent, is just the type of loyal American we need in our intelligence services. Mr. Youssef is a highly decorated FBI employee with over 20 years of service to this country, including a 1995 Director of Central Intelligence Award he received for his key role in one of America’s most successful Middle Eastern counterterrorism operations.

Show your support for Mr. Youssef by sending a message to your representatives and then forwarding this message to your friends and family. National security employees are vital to exposing these civil rights abuses and they deserve our protection!