I recently received an article titled “Obama Faces Legacy of Lawlessness at Justice” by Daphne Eviatar, The Washington Independent.  This article is a must read for anyone who has noted the increasingly lack of vigor in the Justice Department and the malfeasance demonstrated in meeting the missions of the various agencies and departments.  The anonymous federal government investigator who sent it to me gave me permission to pass his comments along to interested readers.  He stated:


G. Florence-


Excellent article about Lawlessness at Justice.  Many politicians have talked, and talked and talked for the past eight years about the injustices of the Bush administration.  And, dare I say almost all, have backed away from any meaningful confrontation with the Bush Administration. 


We all know the story and the legacy of the corruption rampant throughout Bush’s administration.  Some of us have experienced it firsthand!  For those of us that have, our lives and careers have been trampled upon.  For those of us approaching retirement age, there will be no recouping from that damage – the damage is done, and we will continue to suffer into retirement through lost jobs, lost promotions, lost opportunities, lost wages and lost retirements.  For those of us that have served under and been punished under the Bush administration – enough talk by politicians!  We need to see some justice and some action by those politicians supposedly serving the people of this great nation. 


How does this new administration propose to extricate the damage and toll to those public servants and people’s lives and careers that have been destroyed by the Bush administration?


There are many federal employees who feel the same.  I hear from some of them due to my blogs for and about whistleblowers (or those who are labeled whistleblowers for trying to ethically do the jobs they were hired to do).  You have never heard of most of these people.  And the majority you probably never will hear about.  Few whistleblower situations actually are made public in the media.  And unless you know one very well, personally, few federal employees or whistleblowers will volunteer the details of their personal nightmare, for fear of more retribution or loss of job, career and retirement.  For that reason, the majority of whistleblowers or would-be whistleblowers, though they lurk about websites that post information of interest and use to them, do not ever leave comments, even anonymously.  And due to the many challenges to any kind of privacy online and over land and wireless communications systems as a part of increased “spying” on the American Public that the past eight years has brought about, I do not blame them.   The extreme corruption, excesses and greed exhibited by members and associates of the Bush Administration are leaving our government at an all time low.  It will not be a clear field for the new administration.  Even now, just days before the change of administrations, the outgoing one seeks to hobble the incoming one. 


So this will be a major challenge for the new Obama-Biden administration.  There are a large number of predominantly silent people out there watching and waiting to see what will be done to establish a system which respects those who try to stand up to wrong doing, those who feel integrity is an important part of the oath they took when beginning the adventure that was to be their career federal job, those who hold their responsibility to uphold the United States Constitution and laws above all else.  Who will stand up for these courageous federal employees who serve as prosecuting attorneys, investigators, security specialists, contracting officers, and all manner of oversight of government business as well as of contracting of companies to the federal government?  How and when will full protections and rights be firmly put into place which will allow them safety and dignity as they do their jobs without fear of retribution and destruction of their careers and lives?  -GFS