Old Navy Man,

Thanks for the information.  I appreciate you supporting this blog.  That is quite disturbing indeed.   I am posting this to see if anyone else can elaborate or comment.  GFS

G Florence:

Here is a link to a story that emphasizes why it is so important for this country to be ferociously protecting our most advanced technology.


Who remembers the sale and transfer of advanced navy quieting technology to Toshiba?  Because of that poorly informed sale this country lost some of our most advanced navy quieting technology.  Remember those countries where these most advanced navy technologies ended up?  Refresh your memories!  This article just came out today, through the United Press International.  It is a U.S. News article entitled “Reports of Russian sub in gulf downplayed.”  This is what happens when we do not let good men like Mr. Conley and Mr. Kelly do their jobs.  This is what happens when the people of this country are complacent and do not support the tireless efforts of patriotic Americans like Mr. Conley and Mr. Kelly.

Shame on us!

An Old Navy Man