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 Someone wrote and asked me that today.  First I want to assure you that I am not being paid one penny in fees, nor have I received any gifts or even any non-profit organization sponsored trips to Lichtenstein for talking about this book.  (If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll get the humor intended.)

The author, Shelley Stark is not a relative, business associate or long time friend.  In fact, I’ve never met her in person.  When she wrote her first article for Truthout while completing her research and writing of Hidden Treuhand, I wrote about her article and upcoming book in my blogs.  When I read what she had to say, a light went on for me, as suddenly I could see how the Hidden Treuhand could be used for the benefit of greedy individuals or corporations.  As you know I’ve been keeping my radar on to alert for greedy and corrupt corporations.  

Shortly before the book was published Ms. Stark saw my blog on the Internet and contacted me to ask if I would like to write about her book, with her permission.  I suspected this was a very important book and am convinced of that now that it is published and I’ve had a chance to thoroughly read it.  So I agreed to help her bring her book to the attention of my readers.  We have become better acquainted though emails and the sharing of information and articles over the Internet spanning from the US to Europe, where Ms. Stark currently resides.  She continues to be committed to trying to help right the terrible wrongs committed against individuals and groups of citizens with the use of these financial manipulation instruments, Hidden Treuhands. 

If you are paying any attention to the news, you will be able to make connections between what is being reported, in some cases only surface coverage reporting, and what Ms. Stark is trying to raise an alarm about.  We are all affected by this kind of fraud and greed.  It is not going to be easy to get it addressed.  Even those in our government in charge of oversight are lackluster in their motivation to learn about and go after this kind of crime, even though there are a couple of notable instances in the news now. 

I would like to see this change.  I would imagine many of you would also.  That is why it is important that everyone read this book.  What we don’t know will certainly have the ability to hurt us in this arena.  Thank you for paying attention.  GFS

Hidden Treuhand may be purchased at Amazon.Com and Barnes and Noble.  You may also find it on the shelves of your public library. 

Hidden Treuhand:  How Corporations and Individuals Hide Assets and Money

By Shelley A. Stark



What part is Hidden Treuhand playing in the ensuing global financial crisis? The Hidden Treuhand is the single most powerful business tool in the world of globalization today. It is the missing key, reshaping the world’s financial system though few have ever heard of it.

With a Hidden Treuhand you can anonymously exercise complete economic rights in all commercial markets worldwide hiding assets and money from stockholders and taxation alike.

 Many are unaware that U.S. corporations are using Hidden Treuhand to hide the scope of their economic activities – for example – Halliburton. From banks to bailouts, to shareholder value and pension funds – wealth is disappearing. How is it possible to hide stockholder wealth or economic activities worldwide?

Hidden Treuhand is a trade secret of elite European lawyers and powerful banking interests – creating a shadow economy and banking apparatus facilitating movements of money to tax havens. Powered by globalization, it has moved beyond European borders and is working undetected within the capitalist free market secretly affecting the world economy.

 How does Hidden Treuhand work? Who benefits? Who loses? This is the first book ever written, a ‘how-to-book’, that tells the story of Hidden Treuhand and how it is impacting the world economy and your financial security.


About The Author

Since 2004, Shelley A. Stark has been researching Hidden Treuhand legal practice, case studies, and history. Shelley holds a B.A. in Management and a M.A. in International Relations and Finance from Webster University in Vienna, Austria. She became keenly interested in Hidden Treuhand when she discovered some of its uses. Subsequent studies and interviews coupled with German law (ABG) explain Hidden Treuhand, how it is created and administrated, how it can be used by corporations, individuals, criminal organizations, and terrorist financiers. This well-researched original work has led to the first documented account of Hidden Treuhand and tactics used to undermine national security and impact global financial security.

 Hidden Treuhand:  How Corporations and Individuals Hide Assets and Money by Shelley A. Stark is now available on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.

Upon reading Shelley A. Stark’s, Hidden Treuhand:  How Corporations and Individuals Hide Assets and Money, my first response was of shock and disbelief.  Then the anger and outrage emerged.  It is clear Shelly Stark is a courageous Whistleblower.  She has dared to expose an organized and secret system of hiding money and assets that has been going on for a long period of history but, that few average people know exists. 

What Ms. Stark is writing about has been a very closely guarded secret prior to now.  Due to becoming aware of the Hidden Treuhand, because of being victimized by its use on her by some business partners, Ms. Stark started what turned out to be five years of hard investigation and research to find out what had happened to her business partnership.  It was not an easily solved mystery.  Fortuitously, Ms. Stark has the economic education, training, intellect, and courage to have tackled this previously secret strategy,  which large corporations and wealthy individuals have known about and had access to utilize in the shadows of our economic world  for a long time.  Her work required copious amounts of research into the history of the practice of Treuhands, hidden or not, and translating masses of German/Austrian law records to get an historical perspective and meaningful understanding of its contemporary impact on our financial  lives. 

In her book, Stark explains that this type of financial and legal strategy is not legal in the U.S., but is legal in certain countries in Europe (Austria, Lichtenstein, Switzerland) and is spreading to other regions (Dubai) making it possible for a lot of manipulation and corrupt dealings to take place, with the public having no inkling it is happening to their money and assets.  She explains how it is possible for a corporation or certain officers of a corporation to hide money, assets, and even people and other money payoffs to people using these Hidden Treuhands, potentially keeping the Hidden Treuhand and everything put into it, secret even from their own board of directors. 

 It appears that using a Hidden Treuhand, Corporations and the wealthy can now thwart any current U.S. government oversight activity, including laws or federal policies.  (Think about former Vice President, Dick Cheney and his conflict of interest in and financial benefits from Halliburton.  How was he able to evade accountability to even current federal laws regarding conflict of interest, quid pro quo, and revolving door prohibitions?    Halliburton coincidentally has moved its headquarters recently to Dubai.  Perhaps, now we know why.)

Recently an article in the Washington Post presented the concept of a new proposed Financial Protection Agency.  If the U.S. Government is going to tackle protecting Americans’ financial matters, they will have to include the problem of Hidden Treuhand, for what are becoming increasingly obvious reasons.  The corrupt and unethical business practices are not just an isolated American problem, but expand across the globe.

Due to the complicated financial dealings leading to our recent financial meltdown of the “Too Big to Fails” our pensions and 401 K’s are already at risk.  Think about Madoff and the huge sums he stole from the retirement accounts of Americans either directly or indirectly.  If Madoff used a Hidden Treuhand, there is little hope all those millions of dollars will ever be openly discovered and identified, let alone recovered.   

I don’t know about you, but the possibility of my retirement funds being siphoned off and shuffled around in secret hidden corporate accounts that no one can see or audit and that I will never see again is enough to get me writing letters and demanding change.  For anyone concerned about the safety and security of American consumers and their financial affairs, this book is a must read!   In fact, this book should immediately be required reading for all U.S. Federal Oversight authorities too.