This is a fascinating and compelling story about how a toxic substance could end up being approved by the FDA, (an agency whose mission is to protect the integrity of our food and drink and the consequent health and safety of Americans), and entering the system for use by adults and children in the United States (and world-wide) in spite of copious amounts of evidence of it’s severe toxicity.    Where are the whistleblowers in the medical field?  Why are many, if not most, doctors seemingly afraid to stand up to the industry(s) marketing and selling these products when their patients are clearly ill due to use of these products?  This video is long, approximately one hour and 28 minutes, but well worth watching.  –GFS


From Brasscheck:


It’s summer in the northern hemisphere.

People will be drinking more soda, ice tea, ice cream etc.

I wonder how many realize they are consuming poison?

Did you know that before be joined Dick Cheneyand George Bush in defrauding the US into war in Iraq, Donald Rumsfeld was involved in another deadly fraud?

In the 1970s  G.D. Searle created”aspartame” was consideredso toxic that even the notoriously corrupt FDA would not permit itin the food supply.

Then Donald Rumsfeld came along…

New “evidence” was presented, a new FDA commissionerwas appointed by Ronald Reagan, and former poison suddenly became common in food.



P.S. Take the time to watch it in it’s entirety.  It may save your life or the life of someone close to you.



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Poison in your food

Donald Rumsfeld and aspartame

Guess what? He faked the evidence

Other names for aspartame: Equal, Nutrasweet, Sugar Twin

What was Donald Rumsfeld doing before he collaborated with George Bush and Dick Cheney to invade and destroy Iraq (and the US economy and military in the process?)

As CEO of G.D. Searle, he pimped for a chemical called “aspartame.”

For eight years, even the highly corrupt FDA refused to certify aspartame as safe because it produced seizures and brain tumors in lab animals.

Then Ronald Reagan became president and removed the FDA commissioner who was blocking its acceptance.

Rumsfeld’s company followed up by presenting the FDA “new and improved” studies showing the additive to be safe. The data presented was later proven to have been falsified.

Sound familiar?

Aspartame is everywhere

Take the time to watch this video if you or loved ones consume aspartame. It is a dangerous substance that causes cumulative damage to the brain and immune system.

The following products often have aspartame in them:

* Breath Mints
* Carbonated Soft Drinks
* Cereals
* Chewing Gum
* Flavored Syrups for Coffee
* Flavored Water Products
* Frozen Ice
* Frozen Ice Cream Novelties
* Fruit Spreads
* Gelatin, Sugar Free
* Hard Candies
* Ice cream Toppings
* Ice Creams, No Sugar Added or Sugar Free
* Iced Tea, Powder
* Iced Tea, Ready to Drink
* Instant Cocoa Mix
* Jams & Jellies
* Juice Blends
* Juice Drinks
* Maple Syrups
* Meal Replacements
* Mousse
* No Sugar Added Pies
* Non-Carbonated Diet Soft drinks
* Nutritional Bars
* Powdered Soft Drinks
* Protein Nutritional Drinks
* Pudding
* Soft Candy Chews
* Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup
* Sugar Free Cookies
* Sugar Free Ketchup
* Table Top Sweeteners
* Vegetable Drinks
* Yogurt, Drinkable
* Yogurt, Fat Free
* Yogurt, Sugar Free


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