Do you have a mortgage originating from WAMU or JPMorgan Chase?  Have you checked to see what the papers being held by the  current mortgage holder actually include?  After reading this, you will want to check it out, post haste.


If you have any questions or find that you already know or suspect that you are among the defrauded, please consider contacting Robert Harrington at the contact information given below.  It sounds like his experience and knowledge may be helpful. 

From: Robert Harrington <>

Subject: Re: Re: My FDIC case

Date: Thursday, December 31, 2009, 8:51 PM

 Is JPMorgan Chase and the FDIC aiding and abetting fraud?

Posted: Sat Aug 29, 2009 3:40 pm

The FDIC is backing JPMorgan Chase in (allegedly) fraudulently taking my home. WAMU defrauded myself and potentially 100,000’s of other US taxpayer/homeowners.

The FDIC is also defending JPMorgan Chase to cover up this “theft.”;..1V20090513

also see:;

If you could pull up the “Texas case,” (EXHIBIT A) the allegations that JPMorgan Chase and the FDIC were in collusion to steal WAMU are very damning.;..000002.pdf

I have discovery in my own foreclosure case(s) against WAMU that the underwriters and loan officer from WAMU changed my FULL DOC loan income and debt items to reduce my Debt to Income ratio from over 200% down to 17% to make a sizable commission. My full Doc application includes two years personal tax returns, corporate returns complete with all appropriate schedules, balance sheets, operating statements, checking account statements, net worth sheet, and leases. WAMU further changed my property tax from $10,000 to $4500 from the previously agreed upon settlement statement causing an unforeseen $1400/month spike in my payment 14 payments later. This was clearly fraud in the Inducement as I never would have accepted such a deal. They also failed to properly disclose the neg am feature up front. They knew I would not be at the closing (my wife was given Power of Attorney) so all the changes would have not been recognizable in my absence. I HAVE HARD COPY EVIDENCE THROUGH COURT ORDERED/COMPELLED DISCOVERY!

If the Texas Case (WAMU bondholder’s) allegations against JPMorgan Chase and the FDIC are true, then a case should be made that both entities aided and abetted with WAMU to steal potentially 100,000’s of homes years later from defrauded homeowners. This colossal theft will be exacted for free for JPMorgan Chase with taxpayer money (including TARP funds) with the FDIC. This fraud would amount to billions of dollars unfairly extracted from homeowners, not including bondholders. This is unconscionable.;.._08387.pdf

I and 100,000’s of (WAMU originated) homeowners need our cases to be fully examined/prosecuted and put forth before the court of public opinion to ask a simple question. WAS THE ENTIRE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE AND WAMU’S (Countrywide, IndyMac, etc…) FRAUDULENT LENDING BUSINESS PRACTICES A PLANNED EVENT TO ENRICH THE BANKING ELITE AND THEIR POLITICAL FRIENDS AT THE EXPENSE OF THE HOMEOWNERS AND TAXPAYERS?

I would also like to find the 100,000’s of WAMU originated homeowners now being bullied by JPMorgan Chase and the FDIC who are now foreclosing (YET CLAIM NO LIABILITY FROM HOMEOWNERS FOR WAMU’S FRAUD) to assist them in their legal defense against WAMU, JPMorgan Chase and certain responsible parties from the FDIC, OTS, and the US Government (that I believe and allege by diligent research of 1000’s of document pages) aided and abetted theft and fraud on an unprecedented scale, and are co-conspirators, both civilly and criminally.

Also, feel free to forward this email to anyone who could amplify its production and scope. Journalists, bloggers, citizen groups, consumer rights attorneys, friends, family and co-workers should all be included to share this shocking content.

It’s your country, too.

Feel free to contact me at (850) 259-6422 or

Thank you,

Robert Harrington

Niceville, FL